• Thieves Dark Leather REplacement models for Morrowind

    Replacement model pack for my leather clothes.

    uploaded 21:10, 21 Nov 2006 138 6 121kb JamesW

  • Thieves Dark Leather for Morrowind

    This is a set of clothing for thieves who run about without armour. It's my christmas present to the community.

    uploaded 19:52, 21 Nov 2006 2,853 14 350kb JamesW

  • RTS Land Mesh Pack 2 Caves and Mountains for Morrowind

    Modder pack of Cave, Mountain and Terrace Meshes from a variety of modders. Organized screenshots of every mesh are included, as well as perspective and size comparison shots.

    All of the meshes are entered as statics in a modder esp. Nothing is placed ingame. The esp was cleaned with TESTool and checked with tesame.

    Please note that one of

    uploaded 19:41, 18 Nov 2006 294 9 18,293kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Helequins Riding Mod for Morrowind

    This mod adds a shop to Balmora (beside the pawnbroker) that sells reworked weapons (bastardswords, one handed spears, an oar, etc.) and drums to call mountable animals. Animals include guars, bears, horkers, clanfears and others.

    As the booth sells ebony, daedric and ice weapons that are out in the open, the guards are extremely nasty. Try to

    uploaded 0:27, 17 Nov 2006 583 7 22kb Helequin

  • RTS Land Mesh Pack 1 Roads for Morrowind

    Modder pack of Road Meshes from Dragon's Breech and mightyjoeyoung's Theopolis Roman City mod. Also a retexture set of one of the road mesh sets from Dragon's Breech, meant to match closer the four road meshes by mightyjoeyoung. See readme for more details.

    All of the meshes are entered as statics in a modder esp. Nothing is placed i

    uploaded 18:52, 16 Nov 2006 143 1 4,912kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Morrowind Madstone Retexture for Morrowind

    A retexture of the Madstone Amulet. The esp has the Madstone Amulet entry changed to point to my retextured meshes and icon.
    I only changed the Madstone entry. An icon is included, and is alpha-channeled.

    Version 2 - The esp has now been cleaned with TESTool and checked with TESAME.

    uploaded 15:13, 10 Nov 2006 108 5 1,417kb redwoodtreesprite

  • TGs Nord Ceremonial Armor V1 for Morrowind

    Adds 2 sets of "Nord Ceremonial Armor" ( both male and female version are available) to the Skyrim Mission on Ebonheart. Check the Read Me for more details.

    **Requires both Bloodmoon and Tribunal**

    uploaded 16:42, 7 Nov 2006 821 26 1,396kb TheGeneral

  • Fargoth Shooting Range for Morrowind

    Ever wanted to give the Bosmer a body full of arrows? Annoyed at that sqeaky midget who's clumsily lost his ring? Welll here is the place you can deal out some punishment. Underneath Fargoth's House there is a small couple of tunnels, there is a small suprise in the first and on the rest are some caged up Fargoth Clones! kill them all you wan

    uploaded 20:34, 6 Nov 2006 63 2 4kb Mattimeo

  • Marble Chapel 3c for Morrowind

    This Test-Mod places a unique Marble Chapel/Temple in
    Buckmoth Legion Fort (in lower level).
    For 2nd Edition only!: October 15, 2006.
    - I made new textures for Imperial Cult Altar, so it is now white marble.
    - I changed the textures on Mazte (blue mazte) & Telvanni Musk (super white).
    - I changed the texture on a table so it looks like wood.

    uploaded 18:41, 4 Nov 2006 47 3 739kb morsepone7

  • Caesars Villa for Morrowind

    Welcome to Caesar's Villa!
    I retextured the exterior to Buckmoth Legion Fort,
    to become a marble Roman fort (it resembles snow),
    with a marble entry room inside leading to the Villa.
    The Villa is built like a Roman Domus (estate), with
    nearby Marketplace. Note: I used red tile for the
    roof, like in Roman ti

    uploaded 18:34, 4 Nov 2006 784 4 785kb morsepone7

  • JamesWs Lockpicks, Probes, and Repair Retexes for Morrowind


    The Elder Scrolls III
    Lockpick, Probes, and Repairs Retextures
    Version 2.1
    by JamesW

    **Note: Developed and tested with version 1.2.0722 of Morrowind.
    Should work okay with other versions, but only tested on above

    uploaded 23:00, 29 Oct 2006 430 13 664kb JamesW

  • Amulet of magika regen for Morrowind

    Ever hated the fact that your magika doesn't regen in morrowind. well i have. especially after playing Oblivion. anyway this amulet can be found in the census office in seyden neen. (in future versions i may have a go at making a custom mesh and making it so you have to buy it or do a quest for it). anyway enjoy oblivion style magika regen. oh

    uploaded 23:59, 26 Oct 2006 2,080 62 2kb tigershark13