• Aquarius Dungeon MC7 for Morrowind

    Visit this very nice, subterranean Dungeon near the exit bridge in Seyda Neen. Look for a trap door just below the stream on the right way looking out (towards Silt Strider platform). Within these Dwemer walls lies Danger... Though the Danger is great, with ferocious beasts and powerful enemies (a Sorceress with 1000 health points with 2 Dremora

    uploaded 3:50, 11 Jun 2006 1,107 15 35kb morsepone7

  • Modder for Morrowind

    Very simple mod that adds a birthsign called "The Modder" to the game. It makes things a little easier since it increases speed dramatically, and gives the abilities of levitation and healing when necessary.

    uploaded 0:15, 5 Jun 2006 202 2 5kb Zen the Pariah

  • Tiara Expansion Pack 1 for Morrowind

    This plugin requires Tiara.esp file to work, and Morrowind/Tribunal (GOTY edition).

    You can create wealth by crafting your own armor with the Blacksmith tool (or clothing using Tailoring tool), then selling it. Or explore the Hidden Room above the Dining Hall, or fight rats in the Sewers below the Training room. A new merchant has be

    uploaded 2:59, 2 Jun 2006 113 1 116kb morsepone7

  • Ns Francescos Third Party Weapons for Morrowind

    This file is a version of Francesco's Third Party Weapons and Armour.esp 2.7 that has been editted so the weapons fit in with N's Balanced Weaponry 1.6.
    Visit the very popular Francesco's Level Creatures and Items Mod thread here for more detail.

    Visit N's B

    uploaded 23:10, 31 May 2006 434 2 62kb neilius

  • Angelos Code for Morrowind

    For Morrowind.

    The second quest i've ever created; this adds a bit more spice than my first quest had.
    Angelo is located in Balmora's Pawnbroker Store and needs your help!

    - Version: 1.0 -
    Please enjoy!

    uploaded 12:17, 30 May 2006 242 1 14kb RiznoNET

  • Fargoths Spare Key for Morrowind

    For Morrowind.

    Simply adds a spare key inbetween rocks at Fargoths house. (One of the first persons you meet in Morrowind) Ofcourse used to open the door which needs lock-picked.
    Created for new players or poor skilled players. Provides a free place to rest in Seya Neen and a good bunch of random items inside.

    My second ever and small modifi

    uploaded 17:01, 29 May 2006 141 2 5kb RiznoNET

  • Merrys Book for Morrowind

    This is my first attempt at quest creation; so be nice! :P
    Since i play Morrowind alot more than Oblivion, i've started Modding. This quest is simple and just adds to the game!

    As far as i know i've been successful for my first attempt at making a 'full on' quest. You can find out how to get this quest by reading the information scr

    uploaded 16:32, 29 May 2006 80 0 12kb RiznoNET

  • TORGULFS NPC Soultrapping v 12 for Morrowind

    "NPC Soultrapping: Find the books and the soul gems required and trap some souls! The most powerful NPC soul is worth 400 points, and the least powerful is worth 100, so it's not really unbalancing. Also, remember that you could soultrap humans in Redguard so it's even lore correct ;)"
    See readme for details and compability addons.

    uploaded 10:38, 28 May 2006 808 3 125kb bjam

  • Scan Spell for Morrowind

    Allows you to buy a Spell from Raminus Polus of the Mages Guild (at Arcane University) That Allows you to Get the Stats of a Person/Creature
    In its Rough Form you have to push a button once the menu comes up and then cast the spell again and the menu will change. Cant figure out anyway around this. If anyone wants to take a stab at fixing this le

    uploaded 22:19, 25 May 2006 14 1 9kb R_Thor

  • Subtle Magic Glow for Morrowind

    Subtle Magic Glow replaces the 'plastic wrap' around in-game magic items (those equipped by characters or on the ground) with less-obtrusive versions. There are three available: A more transparent version of the Bethesda original, one that is faint, but nonmoving, and one that is nonmoving but slowly fades in and out.

    Texture replacer; no

    uploaded 18:43, 23 May 2006 4,122 94 26kb atteSmythe

  • Yenmer for Morrowind

    A variant Altmer BB race, with an emphasis on Mysticism and the more passive magics. Includes the new class Mystic.

    uploaded 21:05, 20 May 2006 357 3 10kb Arakhor

  • Paragon birthsign for Morrowind

    Introduces an admittedly very overpowered birthsign. It is themed around a superpowered pugilist-rogue and, although overpowered, it is easily playable. (I play on maximum difficulty when using the birthsign.)

    uploaded 20:56, 20 May 2006 234 2 3kb Arakhor