• High Fane Expanded for Morrowind

    Well, the Temple is my favorite faction and Barilzar's Mazed Bandis very useful soooo..This plugin expands the High Fane of Vivec. A trapdoor hiddenin Eris Telas' room allows access to a basement area below thefane. This area adds a treasure vault, a Waiting Door, sleepingquarters for priests and travelers, and a few s

    uploaded 15:01, 6 Mar 2006 71 0 29kb

  • Nightmare Armor Finished Version for Morrowind

    Nightmare Armor and Souledge models made by Max Edwin. The armor and weapon are sold by a mechant in Meldor's shop in Balmora. The armor is set to Daedric armor weight and value.

    This mod works fine with The Swords of Morrowind Restored. However, for the guard to be downstairs, you may need to load The Swords of Morrowind Restored after th

    uploaded 10:15, 5 Mar 2006 3,197 79 4,732kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Orkir Female Hair Fix for Morrowind

    uploaded 4:15, 5 Mar 2006 170 4 0kb Cythus

  • Sotis Kung Fu Collection for Morrowind

    Its a collection of martial arts outfits, basically. Most of it uses meshes by NioLiv, is compatible for both males and females (though primarily designed for male characters), and... well... fairly simple really. It includes an adaptation of the cheongsam worn by Jet Li in "The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk" and likewise adaptations of Lan Di's

    uploaded 2:27, 5 Mar 2006 729 30 12,119kb SotiCoto

  • Orkir Race fxd for Morrowind

    The Orkir, Out of the Vast Jungles throughout the lands with Earth Coloured skin to Help them Fade into thier Surroundings, Great Body Power as thier Weapon, The World around them as thier Guide, Tribal by Nature, War Torn without Choice, These Creatures are something to Keep an Eye on.

    Oh there are 7 male heads, 5 male hairs, 5 female heads, 3

    uploaded 22:03, 4 Mar 2006 401 14 2,782kb Cythus

  • Boe_Soulreaver_Quest for Morrowind

    My first go at scripting and Dialogueing aquest. This is intended for higher level caharacters.A simple mod that introduces the soulreaver to the game, and also provides a littlebit of a backstory. (Very loosely based on thelegact of kain.) This mod has been cleaned with TES tool

    uploaded 21:13, 2 Mar 2006 114 0 2,207kb boethiah539

  • Shields for the Back for Morrowind

    uploaded 12:51, 1 Mar 2006 153 4 359kb bodvar

  • Arakhors Vampire Alchemist V1.1 for Morrowind

    V1.0 A vampire lurks in Maar Gan, ready to test her alchemy and transform you into a vampire, if you so choose.

    Added the vampire's Dunmer thrall to Maar Gan to better add the proper dialogue topic. He also sells a pertinent book.
    Extended the dialogue to cater for the vampirism being cured.
    Slightly altered the Vampire_Cure_PC scrip

    uploaded 18:56, 28 Feb 2006 180 5 113kb Arakhor

  • M7Castle1 for Morrowind

    The Castle is built to scale and contains:A Main Hall, a Great Hall, Chapel, Hidden Treasury, Kitchen, Master Suite with Bath, and Cellar. There is also a back door overlooking the river. 9 NPCs dwell within the Castle. This Mod took about 2 days to complete.

    uploaded 4:34, 28 Feb 2006 240 4 137kb morsepone7

  • Better Dagoth Ur v.7 for Morrowind

    Better Dagoth UrBy Cid88INSTALLATION:-Simply unzip to your Morrowind->Datafiles folderDESCRIPTION:-Didn't the Dagoth Ur fight seem a bit like a let down? All that work foran enemy who basically just stood there and attacked you with the same stuffover and over and over. This mod changes that. Now Dagoth Ur

    uploaded 20:05, 27 Feb 2006 144 3 9kb Cid88

  • Wyvern Dagger for Morrowind

    A new dagger that is the strongest out of all the daggers in the game! It replaces all the Ordinators Ebony maces with Wyvern Daggers

    uploaded 19:40, 27 Feb 2006 99 2 9kb hummer