• Sneak and Stun for Morrowind

    It is Beta of my Stun and Sneak mod.

    Disclamer!!! (Read please).
    Its is a BETA, therefore DO NOT use that with your old saves, better backup them.
    It messes with some old Morrowind Seyda Neen scripting, so customer beware.
    I'll change that later, in the release.


    Ok, my old wish for making a mod that will add stunning and

    uploaded 4:50, 12 Aug 2006 3,431 2 19kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Ranger Birthsign for Morrowind

    What this mod does:

    Adds a new birthsigh that gives the player ranger abilities and powers
    that grow with the player.

    *Tracking as an ability(well as close as i could get).
    *Animal friendship as a power
    *Animal Companion(up to 2) as a power.
    *Element Resists as a power.
    *Natures Fury (attainable at 50th level) as a power.

    uploaded 18:16, 11 Aug 2006 275 8 4kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Zynins House for Morrowind

    This house is located in the Isinfier Planes right around the vicinity
    of Uncle Sugarshare(or whatever his name is).
    This house was designed heavly with Dave Humprey's Furniture mod in
    mind,thus its mainly vacant.
    Ive altered the house so she's 2 stories.
    It can be used by any character type.

    uploaded 18:14, 11 Aug 2006 118 4 5kb Rogue_Shadow

  • East Empire Essential NPCs for Morrowind

    All this does is flag the East Empire Npcs as Essential so if
    the player kills em they will get a warning message.

    uploaded 18:11, 11 Aug 2006 255 5 2kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Bar Stool for Morrowind

    Replace the old wood stool with this stool :) modders resource..

    uploaded 16:55, 11 Aug 2006 86 0 8kb Starcon5

  • Skull Staff for Morrowind

    Skull Staff Weapon as a modders resource - you must place in game with your own stats...

    uploaded 16:44, 11 Aug 2006 130 3 110kb Starcon5

  • PirateCoin+PuzzleBox for Morrowind

    Adds the Pirate Coin From TPOTC Movie + The Puzzle Box From HellRaiser - Modders Resource only for its the models only...

    uploaded 15:48, 11 Aug 2006 145 4 71kb Starcon5

  • Darth Nihilus for Morrowind

    This adds the Darth Nihilus Uniform so you can wear it as a char.. Readme inside file.


    Has been cleaned with Tesame..

    uploaded 15:27, 11 Aug 2006 950 26 153kb Starcon5

  • Pocket Dimensional Home Fix for Morrowind

    An apparent fix to the pocket dimension home by Qwert, no readme given.

    uploaded 20:33, 10 Aug 2006 102 2 80kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Pocket Dimensional Home for Morrowind

    This mod adds a short quest which everyone should get if the main quest is
    followed at the completetion of the quest the pc will acquire a special dwemer
    cube that can teleport the user to a pocket dimension that houses a
    lighthouse which the pc can live in.But using the cube will put a drain
    on your lifeforce.
    This mod has alchemy jars

    uploaded 20:32, 10 Aug 2006 132 2 1,590kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Qwertd Drow Race for Morrowind

    QBH Drow Race
    Updated Version 1.5
    *Increased the magnitude on the drow bolt a lil bit.
    *removed all the axes(except for the dual wielding ones)from the
    leveled lists.
    * Alter it so drow dont appear as much.
    *Guards will now attack the drow(must have giants running for this to work.)
    *added the Drow Piwafwi-only way to get it is off the drow

    uploaded 20:28, 10 Aug 2006 329 5 3,238kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Basic Essentials for Morrowind

    hunger mod-
    *no longer effects main script,makes use of tribunals edit start script.
    *olny eats bread-i changed that purposely because well i wanna keep her basic.
    *auto eats i really like that.
    *added bread to mournhold(-10).
    *added bread to wherever you can rent a room.
    *also made modular.
    *****tested ok for me so far.
    Thrist Mod-

    uploaded 20:26, 10 Aug 2006 192 4 36kb Rogue_Shadow