• Spiders Haven: Expansion 1 for Morrowind

    One of the upcoming expansions for spiders haven. This expansion adds quite a bit of flora & fuana too the island, giving it more realisim then before.

    Spider mechanics also improved.

    More improvements mentioned in readme.

    Required mods & link to them are shown in readme.

    uploaded 1:10, 22 Sep 2006 97 3 60kb Centurion Spider

  • Xions Lair for Morrowind

    A lair i built for my RP character, its located in balmora, on the hill.youll need the keys , the first one is on the table.

    feel free to modify it in any way youd like, so long as you give credit where its due.

    A side note, there IS a seriously overpowered ring in the mod, but it is well hidden and totally a voluntary thing, dont bash the

    uploaded 12:23, 21 Sep 2006 85 3 483kb Lintewathion

  • Dark Mythril Armor for Morrowind

    Special thanks to Happyhannah for suppying the tunic icon & texture.

    Special thanks also to Pirate Lord for the Insprition to recreate one of his creatures into a set of wearable armor. (thanks dude)

    This mod adds a Merchant in arilles trade house in sedya neen, who sells Dark mythril Armor.
    (She is wearing a flashy robe if you cant find her

    uploaded 21:55, 20 Sep 2006 172 5 410kb Centurion Spider

  • Sacean Wear for Morrowind

    This mod simply adds a suit of wearable Sacean armor in arilles tradehouse in seyda neen. you can miss it as its in plain sight.
    Because its only 2 peices ive increased the Armor rating to compenasate. (but you can change if you like)

    For the best look Try wearing just the 2 peices.

    WARNING: This mod may contain innaproprate material depend

    uploaded 0:23, 20 Sep 2006 212 6 407kb Centurion Spider

  • Construction for Morrowind

    Allows you to build buildings and run a town.

    uploaded 19:25, 18 Sep 2006 438 10 9,847kb jck87

  • Spiders Haven for Morrowind

    This file requires tribunal.

    Mod also adds a new alcemy ingerendent.

    Access to island is located via a mage in sedya neen.
    Great place to train.

    uploaded 2:39, 18 Sep 2006 297 13 2,429kb Centurion Spider

  • Greater Dwemer Ruins Resources for Morrowind

    I'm releasing everything I have as a modders resource for this now dead project.

    GDR was a mod with a team of people to add more levels to all the dwemer ruins in the game.

    To achieve this, we produced 137 new meshes (either retextures or brand new). Things like armor, weapons, books, interior pieces, steam traps, etc, etc.

    Included in

    uploaded 21:26, 16 Sep 2006 1,849 40 3,631kb piratelordx

  • Romance English Version for Morrowind

    Better Bodies is also REQUIRED to minimize errors that will occur without it.

    This mod is the English translation of the original French mod Romance v3.7.

    The mod allows the player to romance, marry, and have children. Men can discover the joys of fatherhood by fathering the child of female NPCs. Women carry their children to term themselves.

    uploaded 21:12, 14 Sep 2006 24,806 898 9,347kb Supernatural JTalbain

  • *CLP*Better Creeper for Morrowind

    Ver. 2.0 gives the creeper 1 billion(1,000,000,000) to buy you things whit

    its give creeper 1 mil to barter and other options.
    Theres no readme include. go to caldera, ghorak manor to find the creeper

    *CLP is for CL-Productions site and is owned by me, there will soon be info and screenshots(*

    uploaded 13:52, 14 Sep 2006 1,172 46 3kb WRC Meister

  • Void Gear Extras for Morrowind

    -Included are the following:
    --The Elite Void helm & pauldrons (clavicle-section only)
    --Particle-FX void bolt
    --VMa Construct "Rhei'Os-Ka," Sho'Zahr's Void Construct companion

    Some of these items are dependant on having VG2.1 installed - without it, you WILL get missing TX errors. Such is the price I ask of those who'd use

    uploaded 11:47, 11 Sep 2006 143 3 730kb Kieve

  • Phils House for Morrowind

    This plugin adds a small-medium house to Pelagiad, just in front of Dralas Gilu's house. It has a well and, inside, you'll find a confortable house with a storage room. It has fireplace too.
    It doesn't require any expansion. If you have any suggestion or if you find any bug, e-mail me (the address is in the readme)
    This plugin was clea

    uploaded 9:48, 11 Sep 2006 119 3 75kb daedren

  • Daedren Manor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a manor to Caldera; to find it, just pass the north gates and look to your left.
    This manor has living/dining room, bedroom, study/library, training room with two chalenges, display room, laboratory, storage, kitchen and pool. It also has a panic room, a tower and a garden with trees and flora.
    As this is my 3rd mod, and the first w

    uploaded 9:35, 11 Sep 2006 5,247 33 501kb daedren