• Blades Quest_Prophecy of the Lost Heir for Morrowind

    During a fearful storm 15 years ago, a ship was wrecked off the coast of Khuul. Among the victims were Iliam Dren - the rejected firstborn child of the previous Duke Dren - and his wife and children. However, one of the bodies was never found: the mortal remains of Iliam's oldest son Artruhn are still missing.
    The emperor has therefore now sent C

    uploaded 22:42, 22 Sep 2009 1,397 97 830kb Emma

  • Vvardenfell Travel Agency for Morrowind

    - makes travelling with companions a lot easier

    uploaded 19:19, 22 Sep 2009 512 35 14kb Emma

  • The White Wolf of the Lokken Mountain for Morrowind

    By Emma and Teutonic

    Will you find the white wolf? Will you help Laurenna to solve the mystery of her father’s death? And will you be able to bring peace and happiness to the Lokken people?

    uploaded 18:58, 22 Sep 2009 8,197 475 14,666kb Emma

  • Emmas Breton headpack no 3 for Morrowind

    This mod includes 48 playable Breton faces, 16 male and 32 female. No hair is included.

    uploaded 18:42, 22 Sep 2009 4,949 278 1,974kb Emma

  • Emmas Highelf headpack no 2 for Morrowind

    This mod includes 48 playable Highelf faces, 12 male and 36 female, all based on meshes by Robert. No hair is included.

    uploaded 18:36, 22 Sep 2009 4,157 216 2,046kb Emma

  • Emmas Orc Female Headpack for Morrowind

    This mod includes 24 playable female Orc heads. No hair is included.

    uploaded 18:28, 22 Sep 2009 2,946 179 1,262kb Emma

  • Dwemer Crossbow Replacer for Morrowind

    Replaces the Dwemer crossbow mesh with a new, better-looking mesh.

    uploaded 21:37, 20 Sep 2009 1,984 141 51kb Alaisiagae

  • Skip Tutorial for Morrowind

    Do you tire of the tedious tutorial messages whenever you start a new game? Then this may be for you. When starting a new game you will be given a choice of three ways to start the game:

    Tutorials -- the normal sequence with tutorials
    Skip Tutorials -- the normal sequence without the tutorials and delays
    Quick Start -- choose name, race,

    uploaded 7:20, 20 Sep 2009 1,973 85 11kb cdcooley

  • Propylons for Morrowind

    This is my alternate quest to get the Propylon Chamber transport network running again. I found the official Master Index Plugin too linear and boring and hated that it made the propylon network useless until you had found all ten index stones.

    uploaded 6:59, 20 Sep 2009 468 16 82kb cdcooley

  • Inventory Helpers for Morrowind

    Like an alchemy sorter but even more powerful, this mod includes MWSE scripts that allow you to exchange groups of objects with your companions, special placeable containers you can buy from Arrille, and some portable containers you'll find in the Census and Excise Office near the bedroll.

    uploaded 5:45, 20 Sep 2009 475 34 197kb cdcooley

  • Gift Exchange for Morrowind

    Give Gifts, Trade Items, Or Even Steal From NPCs. This plugin allows you to access the inventory of random NPCs you meet in your travels. For the altruists, feel free to give gifts to the strangers you meet. For the pragmatists, talk Lord Fyr into trading for those pauldrons. Silver-tongued? Talk the ladies or gentlemen out of their clothes. Or jus

    uploaded 5:28, 20 Sep 2009 396 21 9kb cdcooley

  • Improved Teleportation for Morrowind

    You should really try "Melian's Teleport Mod" which you can find at Planet Elder Scrolls.

    Companion friendly and multiple location teleport spells keep your companions near you. MWSE and Bloodmoon/GOTY edition are required. (Version 2

    uploaded 4:56, 20 Sep 2009 2,742 130 14kb cdcooley