• dreamanor for Morrowind

    this is some of a mod that ive been working on for a while.. there was a lot more but my hd messed up and i didnt make a backup so i had to start again >.< its just a huge new land to the south of seyda neen. atm quests are scarce and unfinished and a lot of the land is unfinished, i trying to create a huge area with sub quests to do and dungeons t

    uploaded 7:34, 30 Jul 2006 65 0 5,524kb kipperlips

  • Key Chain Rus for Morrowind

    &#1052;&#1086;&#1076; &#1089;&#1086;&#1073;&#1080;&#1088;&#1072;&#1077;&#1090; &#1082;&#1083;&#1102;&#1095;&#1080; &#1074; &#1089;&#1074;&#1103;&#1079;&#1082;&#1091;, &#1095;&#1090;&#1086; &#1073;&#1099; &#1087;&#1086;&#1089;&#1084;&#1086;&#1090;&#1088;&#1077;&#1090;&#1100; &#1077;&#1077;, &#1085;&#1072;&#1078;&#1084;&#1080;&#1090;&#1077; &#1085;&#

    uploaded 17:15, 25 Jul 2006 233 3 78kb Neoniel

  • Imperial Texture Replacer Wood for Morrowind

    This mod replaces the Imperial Textures with High Res wooden ones so the forts now look like 1800's circa style and add more comfort to the interiors. Makes it more homey. :)

    uploaded 9:45, 25 Jul 2006 2,060 6 6,023kb breton187

  • Pokemon Balls for Morrowind

    A modders resource of the Pokeball, a small red and white ball that soultraps creatures on strike. Its throwable just like a ninja star. Havn't seen any bugs yet although i'm sure there is somewhere.

    uploaded 7:59, 25 Jul 2006 496 5 56kb breton187

  • Sexy Khajiit Feline v2 for Morrowind

    v1.2 of my Sexy Khajiit Feline saved games (at sewers exit).
    Face got small tweaks and hair color is now Blue Black.

    Sorry for the filename problem this is the last time i will rename

    uploaded 6:28, 24 Jul 2006 134 4 220kb Fopsie

  • Sexy Khajiit Feline for Morrowind

    My sexy Khajiit Feline Pantha saved at the sewers exit.
    V2 is at with minor face tweaks and hair

    uploaded 14:38, 23 Jul 2006 73 2 222kb Fopsie

  • Drug Lord for Morrowind

    This is just a quick little update. It adds detox potions that were suppose to be in the first release, but didn't get added in for some reason.

    Drug Trade Mod Version 0.11 Beta
    By: Spike43215/Faye

    I.Background Info
    II.Guild Info
    a.The Suppliers
    b.The Imperial Mob
    c.The Elven Mafia
    III.New Notes
    IV.Old Notes

    uploaded 17:06, 21 Jul 2006 908 8 2,442kb spike43215

  • Sexy Bonemold Armor for Morrowind

    Adds 2 sets of Bonemold Armor to the game. For females only. WARNING: Not for the prudish. BB required.

    uploaded 22:45, 16 Jul 2006 2,446 47 354kb Cenobite

  • DualWeaponUnequiper for Morrowind


    The Elder Scrolls III
    Dual Weapon Unequiper


    0. Purpose
    1. Installation
    2. Playing the Plugin
    3. Credits
    4. Usage
    5. Contact Information


    0. PURPOSE



    uploaded 7:30, 16 Jul 2006 880 2 2kb kaekaze

  • Regional Mana for Morrowind

    Regions of wilderness have their own mana properties. In areas of high mana, you will have increased magicka but also increased weakness to it. In areas of lower mana you will have more difficulty casting spells but are more resistant to magicka. Some areas including all interiors are normal mana.

    Optional Magicka Regeneration Plugin:

    uploaded 20:38, 14 Jul 2006 284 10 12kb Wildman

  • Nordic House ESM for Morrowind

    Nord House Mod

    The Nord House is a pretty subterranen cottage, consisting of 3 layers, Main, Armoury and the Lower section.
    Look at the north side of the cliffs east of balmora.
    This house is located to the north east of Balmora. It features everything anyone could need during the game, whatever path they choose. It Isnt Grandiose, on the Ou

    uploaded 18:45, 14 Jul 2006 159 3 340kb raziel23x

  • Animation Replacer Beta for Morrowind

    Animation Replacement Beta
    by Oshiel

    This is a set of animation files I made a little while ago as a personal project. I released
    them, but made the mistake of doing so on my geocities website, which caused all kinds
    of problems with bandwidth. Eventually the files were taken down (though not by me),
    and I started working on another set fo

    uploaded 7:00, 14 Jul 2006 759 19 2,040kb oshiel