• Flies for Morrowind

    Adds a visual effect to all vanilla flies sound emitters.

    uploaded 10:29, 14 Feb 2015 317 31 26kb Reizeron

  • MGSO 3.0 Updating and Installation Walkthrough for Morrowind

    I recently decided to play through Morrowind for my first time and found that MGSO (the largest overhaul for Morrowind) had a lot of bugs, many of which have been fixed. The fixes, however, are all over the internet so I am releasing this as a loose guide to finding them and updating your game.

    uploaded 6:42, 14 Feb 2015 574 55 290kb Murielkai

  • YAPHM (Yet Another Portable House Mod) for Morrowind

    Adds a portable house to the game. No special quests or other steps to acquire, the spell to access the home is added when the mod loads. Features sorting containers for spell scrolls, soulgems, potions, and alchemy ingredients. Also has a shrine, a security training chest, as well as a NoM compatible stove with a working door.

    uploaded 2:19, 14 Feb 2015 190 9 2,540kb Tizzo

  • Quiet Torches for Morrowind

    This mod was made for people who dislike the loud crackling from carried torches. There are two versions, one that reduces the sound of torches and a version that removes the sound completely. Now includes a version that removes the weight from torches so you can carry as many as you like.

    uploaded 20:40, 13 Feb 2015 111 8 2kb Murielkai

  • Tribunal Assassin Delay for Morrowind

    A feature port from the Xbox version of Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition to the PC version. The Dark Brotherhood Assassin will not attack you until you are at level 6. If you are at a lower level then the assassin will not appear at all.

    uploaded 11:03, 13 Feb 2015 195 11 2kb DorsalAxe

  • Marandus Dome Improvements for Morrowind

    This makes the dome in Marandus a very useful popular unofficial player home... Look a lot more interesting, cozy and generally less empty. By adding in more clutter, replacing the default torches with more soothing blue torches, room dividers, and it even adds several more containers as well.

    uploaded 20:22, 12 Feb 2015 26 0 3kb Letrarunt

  • Morrowind Xpadder Controller Profile for Morrowind

    A Morrowind Xpadder profile

    uploaded 7:08, 12 Feb 2015 257 3 49kb BryceLovesGaming

  • Charitable Morrowind for Morrowind

    A reprised world that features a much more dense environment, unique landscapes, ground cover, variation in vegetation, unused/"forgotten" assets implemented, better cities, interior design overhaul.

    uploaded 19:39, 9 Feb 2015 246 7 455kb MikuMD

  • Combat Proficiency for Morrowind

    Axe fighters can use maces, warriors used to chainmail can use leather armor (at least a bit).
    High combat skills grant small to moderate bonuses to comparable combat skills.

    uploaded 17:56, 9 Feb 2015 99 4 13kb josaaku

  • Figurines for Morrowind for Morrowind

    This is a small mod for Morrowind that adds little figurines to the game. These figurines may be bought from Alora Meridana, who can be found in the pawnbroker shop in Balmora.

    uploaded 1:10, 9 Feb 2015 96 8 750kb StoneGargoyle

  • Distant Thunder for Morrowind

    This simple tweak for Morrowind adds a randomized bit of lead time to thunderclaps after lightning strikes for additional realism.

    uploaded 4:31, 7 Feb 2015 217 23 1,058kb TheInkBunny

  • Nords redone for Morrowind

    A default replacer for Nords with new (seamless) head meshes and textures.

    uploaded 6:59, 6 Feb 2015 1,837 121 7,597kb MacKom