• Indoril Helmetmask retexture v1.0 for Morrowind

    Indoril Helmet Mask retexture for Morrowind v1.0
    This is a retexture of The Indoril Helmet in Morrowind..It is based on a

    photographic resource and edited in,
    It uses and depends on Bethesda's original mesh for the Indoril Helmet, which is

    included in the mods folder...Everything is set up for q

    uploaded 21:38, 7 Mar 2015 142 12 1,234kb JosephMelia

  • Tweaks The Bliss House for Morrowind

    Really full featured house and companion (unkillable) for all your adventuring needs. Uma will teleport home should she be severly injured and has a myriad of commands. Bliss House features the Dwemer Dispensers providing needed items. On the road from Belmora to Caldera.

    uploaded 22:08, 5 Mar 2015 43 1 16kb Tweak1971

  • Scamp Retexture v1.5 for Morrowind

    Scamp retexture v 1.5

    A retexture of the scamp for Morrowind
    This texture ,will also apply to Creeper in Ghorak manor in Caldera...

    Tried to make him more detailed and added more hair,also made some of his

    extremities slightly pinker...Now have reverted back to bare chest classic look and tweaked probl

    uploaded 18:16, 5 Mar 2015 57 4 1,802kb JosephMelia

  • Stendar's Warhammer Edited for Morrowind

    I changed Several things about Stendar's warhammer, making it into a Decent Weapon

    i realized after uploading this that the Hammer lost it's enchantment after adding this mod. i will upload a second version to correct this once i figure out how to do so. i am sorry for the oversight and will work

    uploaded 18:31, 4 Mar 2015 31 2 1kb Candyskull1234

  • Firebreathing Cliffracers for Morrowind

    You know if you squint real hard you could almost mistake a Cliffracer for a dragon.

    uploaded 7:22, 4 Mar 2015 39 4 2kb Zetman20

  • Orcish Retexture v1.2 for Morrowind

    Orcish Retexture by Joe

    A retexture for the Orcish Helmet Armor and tower shield.
    replaces these files without esm so make backups..
    Or at least check screenshots

    uploaded 20:24, 3 Mar 2015 184 28 23,714kb JosephMelia

  • Our Lady's Solace for Morrowind

    This mod is designed to add more depth to Almalexia through the Tribunal main quest.

    uploaded 4:06, 3 Mar 2015 319 12 66kb green_shade

  • Burden of Greed for Morrowind

    A simple gold mod with some updates to come.

    uploaded 18:05, 2 Mar 2015 27 1 0kb MidiWaffle

  • Your House in Caldera for Morrowind

    Here a small house in Caldera with a thatched transition directly to the Mages Guild . There is a small work area, large living room, a loft with bedroom , balcony and of course, lots of storage space, which is not yet filled .

    uploaded 12:41, 2 Mar 2015 51 4 25kb GorAran

  • SLATE Leveling Mod for Morrowind

    This mod alters the way the player levels in the game. Instead of being able to level skills through use, the player can only level skills via paid training with NPCs.

    uploaded 1:14, 28 Feb 2015 95 4 16kb Tizzo

  • Caius new home for Morrowind

    Little update to Caius' room. More storage (40'000 lbs +) and cleaned up. With a little mushroom pod in the middle or without.

    uploaded 12:38, 26 Feb 2015 41 4 4kb Overdose88

  • R-Zero's Creatorium Part 1 - Waters and Shores for Morrowind

    Adds the following creatures in the game:
    - King Mudcrab
    - Titan Mudcrab
    - Blind Slaughterfish
    - Electric Slaughterfish
    - Dreugh Man'o'War
    - Land dreugh

    uploaded 7:31, 25 Feb 2015 208 22 835kb Reizeron