Snakes on a Plane by Cow Guru
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Snakes... on a Plane... of Oblivion.
It's a fairly short quest mod, taking place mostly in and around the Deadlands, Mehrunes Dagon's Oblivion Sphere. Travel with the Blades Sergeant Samuel, the abusive Commander Shepediri, the melancholy Steam Centurion Frank, and a ragtag group of Imperial Nobles thrust into events beyond their control. You sail to save the Emperor from an insidious assassin bent on the absolute collapse of the Septim dynasty, an assassin aided by the terrible forces of Dagon himself. Sail swiftly.
Keeping the incredibly cheesy B-Movie atmosphere, rounding off the Muffinwind storyline and adding giant stompy robots and Oblivion satire, Snakes on a Plane has received the approval of Samuel L himself. There is no higher compliment.