Shimmering Palace II by ARHIZ
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Sat'hayaa Asnatanaa (Shimmering Palace II) by ARHIZ
Version: 1.0
Unzip the files to Morrowind/Data Files, activate the "Sat'hayaa Asnatanaa (Shimmering Palace II)" plug-in in the Launcher.
Lodgers of Shimmering Palace hate their lord. Learn mystery of old palace lord, discover Shinning Dark pocket sphere. Rule Shimmering palace, build new
chambers, rent (or summon) guards, travel with companions, customise your new
home, be proud with your achievements in Private Room and more!
To start find Altmer in The Flowers of Gold in Vivec.
Have fun!
I didn't find any incompatibilities. If you find any, let me know.
Suggested mods:
Better bodies – it’s not necessary, but some clothing is not fully compatible with vanilla body models.
A_D_I_1 - scripts
Akavir & AprilYSH - Kione hairstyle meshes and textures
Alaisiagrae - morag tong armour meshes and textures
Aleanne - clothes and armour meshes and textures
Autoclock - dwemer train resource
Arathrax - head meshes and textures
Bob the Visigoth - armour meshes and textures
Cali - BB mannequins scripts, meshes and textures
CanadianIce - clothes meshes and textures
Carnithus - meshes and textures for Vampire Lair
Clavis - static models meshes and textures
CuteUnit - Runescorched armour and weapons meshes and textures
Daduke - Monk Beads meshes and textures
Darknut - base textures for armours and weapons
Dennis aka Grumpy - companions scripts and dialogues
Despair - sorted alchemy scripts, pots meshes and textures
Detritus2004 - khajiit faces meshes and textures
Emma - faces meshes and textures
Joel Braddock (a.k.a. Mantodea) - the coat meshes and Shu Armour meshes and textures
Junkmail - the male boots mesh
Kalian - hairs meshes and textures
Karpik777 - scripts, achievements concept and modding support
Korana - many meshes and textures for faces, bathroom content, fairy race and clothes
Golgotha - face textures
Gorg - argonian head tongue animation, models
Keazen - clothes models and textures
Koniptions - plants meshes and textures 
Mandamus - hair meshes and textures
Marek - scripts
Mel - hairs and faces meshes and textures
Midegetalien - daedra lamp mesh
Mjy - hair meshes and textures
Msz4 - meshes and textures
MTG - Indoril-daedric armour meshes and textures
NioLiv - clothes meshes and textures
Oriphier - white and green demon race concept, meshes and textures
Quarl - many meshes and textures for static models, faces and clothes
Phijama - armour, clothes and weapons meshes and textures
Plangkye - clothes meshes and textures
Psychodog Studios - faces and body meshes and textures
Ranzeekins - faces models and textures
Ren - hair meshes and textures
Rhedd - face meshes
RTS and Oom Fooyat - throne - meshes and textures
Stuporstar - meshes, textures, library scripts (from mod Marc Mori'sEstate) and dialogues for librarian from mod Uvirith's Legacy   
Silaria & Neuman - the pants mesh and base texture
Silicon Bros - weapon meshes and textures
Slof - Ladinee face mesh and texture
Tamriel Rebuild Team – static models and armours meshes and textures(files are from Tamriel Reuild BSA)
TextureFreak - curtains meshes and textures 
Tommy Khajiit - static models meshes and textures 
Unknown author - shaman staff mesh and base textures
UQF - face models and textures
Vurt - threes meshes and textures
WizThis - face meshes and textures
Xiamara - armour meshes and textures
I sent a lot of emails to mod authors. If, despite this, you are an author and you want me to delete any of your content, or if you claim your name
should be in this list, necessarily contact me.
Thanks to:
All Morrowind modding community - for support and inspiration, without you this mod never be created!
Bethesda - for created one of my favourite games
BrunO - for inspiration
Farren Hayden - for creating Morrowind Enhanced Editor
Makak – for tips and support
Special thanks to:
Saira - for patience...
Sham - for support, tips, beta testing and more
Did you find any errors? Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe you like the mod?
My e-mail:
[email protected]