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Darknut's World Textures

By Darknut   7-09-17

This mod replaces most of the default world textures in Morrowind.

771 files  2048 base resolution  ( largest files are 2048 max )

I started these in 2009!

These stay fairly true to the original look of Morrowind

What is covered in this mod:


Morrowind Textures:  

All ground
all but 1 of the major Architecture inside & out  ( no Telvanni at this time)
 higher res Dwemer textures to replace my old ones
All caves
All Rocks
All Sewers
Most wood
Some Banners
Some Tapestries
Some Signs
Some Statues
Some Containers
Some Furniture

No books or misc small items are covered in this mod
No weapons
No Creatures
No Armor
No Clothes

I suggest Telvanni Hi-Res Textures by Plangkye
Plangkye has quite a few mods here on Nexus but not this one. 

Tribunal Textures:
All ground in Mournhold, Old Mournhold & Sewers
all of the major Architecture inside & out .... Dwemer included

Clockwork city is not touched by this mod


Rocks & Tombs at this point

none of the ground textures except the ones shared by Morrowind


Manual installation only



Just copy the ones you want to use to Morrowind/Data Files/Textures/

Let them overwrite any existing textures

Have fun.

No normal maps at this time