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Vivec Guild of Mages Expanded
By Mordaxis

Part of the May Modathon Month!

And special thanks to Darkelfguy for hosting the May Modathon Month and doing this showcase!

Ever felt that the Vivec Mages' Guild is rather lackluster for the regional headquarters of such a distinguished Imperial guild?  Ever wonder just where all those guild members in Ald'ruhn were supposed to meet to hear Trebonius' speech while you robbed them blind?  Well I have and, as part of a series of mods I'm starting to work on, I decided to spruce up the Vivec Guild of Mages hall while keeping the feel and look of the original.


-Added a small lecture hall for classes and guild meetings.

-Added a library with most if not all of the common, non-skill magic, history, and religious books.  Has a few of the more expensive magic-oriented books.  Also has a study desk.
-Added another sleeping area with 3 bunk-beds, 2 chests, and 1 armoire since, as the local hub of the guild, it needed more sleeping areas.  I've kept it styled in the cheap style because of the bunk-beds and also because I figured it's more for lower-ranked members passing through.  The bunk-beds, chests, and side tables are set to MG faction-owned and useable by Associate rank and up.

-Added door to the large bedroom as I assume this is Trebonius' room and it should really have a door.  I haven't locked it but I have set the bed ownership to Arch-mage level of the MG faction.

-Added a small storage closet in the entry room on the top floor.

-Added 3 new NPCs to fill out the areas a bit.  Still, I recommend MCA or another mod that adds NPCs to cells to fill out the original space more.

-Updated/edited pathgrids to account for the additions/changes.


Also, I have cleaned this mod with TESCMD but if anyone notices any more dirty edits or other issues, please let me know.

Modify my mod, but credit me as the original creator

Use a mod manager to install.  I prefer Wrye Mash but will probably work with NMM.  Or, just drop into your Data directory and install like any other mod.

Just delete the esp file.

Likely not compatible with anything else that modifies the "Vivec, Guild of Mages" cell in a major way, or at least adds stuff to the areas I modified.  

Currently known to be slightly incompatible with Nemon's Vivec Interiorator (some object clipping).  

Also, slightly incompatible with Antares' Enchanting Desk mod (not sure if it's part of his Big Mod).  The new closet is in the location of the enchanting desk.

Mods that add new NPC's to cells, like MCA, should still work.

Known Issues or Bugs
None right now that I know of.

- Changed the AI Wander packages of new NPCs so they don't wander so far away.

- Moved the closet to the opposite nook to ensure compatibility with MCA.  Now is fully incompatible with the enchanting desk added by Antares' Enchanting Desk mod (but does not affect enchanting desks added elsewhere).

-Added 3 new NPCs to fill out the new areas.

-Added ownership to all new items.

-Added ownership to all the beds in the cell.

-Changed mod folder name to "Data Files."

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.