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Added: 02/11/2016 - 01:31AM
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"Abaelun Underground"
by jsp25

23/12/16 - Version 1.5

1) What does this mod do?
This mod expands Abaelun Mine by improving aesthetically/bug fixing the vanilla dungeon and adding new underground areas. Includes new weapons, items and monsters.

2) Disclaimer
  • I'm not responsible If this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
  • Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

3) Bugs

None that I know of. Report them if there's any. 

4) Compatibility

  • It should be compatible with everything that doesn't modify the interior of Abaelun Mine.
  • This mod is merged with "Dwemer Lanterns", which modifies the cell "Tel Vos, Central Tower". It only adds a dwemer lantern, a conflict with another mod is very unlikely.
  • It is compatible with Morrowind Rebirth (I moved the lantern in Tel Vos to prevent a minor clipping).
  • The new items from “Dwemer Stuff” mod are also added to Mebestian Ence in Pelagiad. We all know he deals in dwemer stuff. They are added to a container that puts the items in his inventory. You can't steal them.
  • To avoid conflicts I have removed the leveled lists from "Dwemer Loot" and "Dwarven Creatures". This resources will only be found in this mod's corresponent cells.

5) Credits
I want to thank all the modders who have helped me by allowing to make use of their mods or giving me
permission to. All of their readmes are included in the mod.


Nigedo - Dwemer Lanterns
The inwah & anoldfriend - Wooden Longbows
Melchior Dahrk - Dire Flame Atronach
Detrius2004 – Flowing Lava Final
Sandman101 - Dwemer Stuff
Poodemon - Dwemer Loot
Yar-Yulme - Dwarven Creatures

Dungeon mods:
Camobrad - Small Dwemer Ruin
PCC aka Blockhead – Knaarus
TheIceTurtleGod - Jahk's Mine
Hedup – Dwemer Watchtower
Kal-El - Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse
Itachi62 - Hidden Dwemer Building
Unknown - Dwemer Base
Unknown - Mzuleftingnah
Mosrael - Archnalteg

Shack mods:
Captain Teddy - Driftwood Shack
Arimon - Hla Oad Shack
Bladecutter - Poor Man's Shack
Denina - Gnaar Mok Shack Home
Glymfeather - Nasty Old Shack-House
Podesta - Gnaar Mok Shack

(Links to each original mod included in my readme)