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Added: 02/11/2016 - 01:31AM
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"Abaelun Underground"
by jsp25

26/05/17 - Version 1.6

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1) What does this mod do?
This mod expands Abaelun Mine by improving aesthetically/bug fixing the vanilla dungeon and adding new underground areas. Includes new weapons, items and monsters.

2) Disclaimer
  • I'm not responsible If this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
  • Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

3) Bugs

None that I know of. Report them if there's any. 

4) Compatibility
It should be compatible with everything that doesn't modify the interior of Abaelun Mine.

5) Credits


Nigedo - Dwemer Lanterns
The inwah & anoldfriend - Wooden Longbows
Melchior Dahrk - Dire Flame Atronach
Detrius2004 – Flowing Lava Final
Poodemon - Dwemer Loot
Yar-Yulme - Dwarven Creatures
Cydriic - Dark Dwemer Armor

Dungeon mods:
Camobrad - Small Dwemer Ruin
PCC aka Blockhead – Knaarus
TheIceTurtleGod - Jahk's Mine
Hedup – Dwemer Watchtower
Kal-El - Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse
Itachi62 - Hidden Dwemer Building
Unknown - Dwemer Base
Unknown - Mzuleftingnah
Mosrael - Archnalteg

Shack mods:
Captain Teddy - Driftwood Shack
Arimon - Hla Oad Shack
Bladecutter - Poor Man's Shack
Denina - Gnaar Mok Shack Home
Glymfeather - Nasty Old Shack-House
Podesta - Gnaar Mok Shack