Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell by Lord Berandas
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Added: 04/06/2014 - 05:17PM
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Last updated at 23:23, 1 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 17:17, 4 Jun 2014

This mod is inspired by holiday celebrations as they were depicted in TES II: Daggerfall. It adds various religion objects (such as holy icons or statues) to the most of dunmeri homes and temples, in order to depict deeper impact of religion among the dunmer people. It also "adds" holidays, during which some offerings are brought and candles are lit at the shrines of the saints, which adds some special unique feeling during these days.
Most of the holidays are fictional, so are the dates, but I was trying to achieve maximal lore-friendlyness. :-)

This first release is focused at the island of Vvardenfell, in the future releases I would like to include the mainland of Morrowind and perhaps some other provinces (ShotN, P:C) later. Also I would like to include holiday related dialogues and some more features (celebrations, shop discounts and free stuff, etc.).

This mod consists of two .esps, enable only Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell.esp, unless you are using also RR Mod Series - Holamayan Monastery Replacer by Resdayn Revival Team. In that case enable Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell - RR Holamayan mod.esp only!
If you're also using Dramatic Vivec mod, check out this compatibility patch by micbuk.

The list of all holidays, their details and list of all modified locations are included in .xls file.
Please, give me some feedback. Hope you like it, have fun! :)

Clean version 1.03 now includes .esp compatible with RR Mod Series - Holamayan Monastery Replacer.

Clean version 1.0 changelog:
- added a book with all the celebrated holidays and their dates (can be bought at booksellers)
- added Tribunal support
- some script tweaks