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Added: 03/06/2014 - 07:41PM
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Fatigue and Magicka Overhaul v1.0a - updated 7/21/2014
by andrewasland

This simple mod is a complation mod that includes the best of other Fatigue and Magicka mods, with the aim of having a smoother and more intuitive approach to attribute management.

The advantage of this package is that it compiles three different excellent mods into one easy-to-use ESP, and coordinates the contributions of each mod to provide convenience, without sacrificing the challenge of the vanilla systems.

What this mod does:

Adds magicka regeneration based on Willpower
Removes Fatigue drain while running
Greatly buffs Fatigue regeneration.
Greatly increases the Fatigue cost of Jumping
Greatly increases the Fatigue cost of weapon swings (dependent on weight)

The end result is a mod that does not sacrifice challenge for convenience- the nuisance of having to rest before combat is gone, but managing stamina as a melee fighter will be much more challenging while in combat (balanced for fun, though!)

In case the default ESP is not to your taste, I have included two more ESP's (Lite and Ultralite) which reduce the fatigue cost of weapon swings by 25% and 50% respectively. However, I recommend the default ESP as it is balanced for the most challenging experience.

Choose which ESP you want to use - the difference in ESPs is the amount of fatigue drain when swinging your weapon. The plain ESP has the largest fatigue drain and the others have less in descending order.
Just drag and drop the .ESP file into your Data Files foleder and select it in the Data Files section of the Launcher! Simple as that!

Credit is due to the authors of the mods which have gone into this one:
Fair Magicka Regen - GlassBoy
Speed and Stamina - rinoaff33
Better Fatigue Usage - Androl

Changes made:
-Fair Magicka Regen (one percent) -none
-Speed and Stamina - none
-Better Fatigue Usage - weapon swing cost tripled
-Fatigue Return Rate hugely increased
-Jump cost greatly increased

v1.0 - First version
v1.0a - added 2 new ESPs with different weapon fatigue drain settings to better cater to individual players' tastes. Lite = 75% weapon fatigue drain of the main version. Ultralite = 50% of weapon fatigue drain of the main version.