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1. Darius Dead Ends Overhaul
Now you can free Madura Seran and receive a reward for that with General Darius.
Or you can Join the Legion and do all the quests like vanilla does.
Or you can free Madura Seran, receive the reward and after that join the Legion and do the quests without loosing the first ones.

2. Vivec Fighters Guild Lorbumol Tweaks 1.0
Have you ever desired a way to refuse the last two quests from Lorbumol gro-Aglakh? Now you can!

3.Ice Blade of the Monark Tweaks
At Rotheran Arena you find Adusamsi Assurnarairan. If you talk to her, the Imperial Cult quest Ice Blade of the Monarch will be open and there are no legit way to close it. Changed Lalatia Varian and AdusamsiĀ  Assurnarairan greetings to allow NON IMPERIAL CULT characters to close this quest without console commands.

4. LGNPC Aldruhn Supplement version 1.23 and Morvayn Manor Tweaks
This mod corrects a wrong behavior introduced by LGNPC Ald-Ruhn 1.23 in "latest rumors" topic.
If you talk with Brara Morvayn about latest rumors she offers you the "Morvayn Manor" quest. It canĀ“t be completed because Lloros Sarano only works for Redoran chars. I changed Lloros Sarano and Brara Morvayn dialogues to allow No Redorans to close this quest. You can choose either complete it or deny it from the beginning.

5. Rescue Joncis Dalomax Tweaks
If you are not with the Imperial Legion when you break into Ashurnibibi, Joncis Dalomax will not give you any clue about what to do to close the quest. Changed Imsin the Dreamer and Joncis Dalomax topics and greetings to allow NON IMPERIAL LEGION characters to close this quest without the need of a look at the Wiki. And make Imsin give you a fair reward, too.

6.Ring in Darkness Tweaks.
If you break into Nammu and free Jon Hawker (without being an Imperial Cult Associated) the Quest Ring in Darkness will be open and there are no ways to close it without console commands. This mod assumes your NPC is NOT and NEVER will be associated with the Imperial Cult.

7. The Mad Lord of Milk tweaks
If you get into Tel Fyr and free Delyna Mandas, she will ask you to help her father. After sucessfully aid him she will never recognize what happened. Made changes to Athryn Sarethi and Llerar Mandas dialogue, too. This mod assume you freed Delyna before talk with her father or being a Redoran.

Inspired by the work of Bolgo The Madd I made these mods to solve immersion break situations without using console commands. Thanks Bolgo, you are fantastic!