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Added: 04/02/2014 - 08:51AM
Updated: 04/02/2014 - 08:51AM

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Last updated at 8:51, 4 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 8:51, 4 Feb 2014

Adds 280 new undead enemies to the leveled lists of Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and the Mournhold Sewers. Every creature has its own unique mesh, thanks to the amazing power of NifSkope. The new undead will appear in the appropriate tombs/caves/dungeons, and some in exterior cells after dark.

The Undead is compatible with all the creature mods out there, as long as you merge your leveled lists with TESTool or Wrye Mash. A patch adding the new undead creatures to the Tamriel Rebuilt leveled lists is included.

This mod can be used with the versions of Morrowind Comes Alive that also include the undead enemies (versions 4.0 to 7.1), but there will be some doubling of content. When I finally release MCA 8.0 all the undead creatures will be removed, and you will need to run both mods if you want the MCA NPCs and undead in your game.


Banshee (3 variants)
Burning Skeleton
Burning Zombie
Draugr (6 variants)
Draugr Lord (4 variants)
Ghost (12 variants)
Dire Lich
Nether Lich
Mummy (11 variants)
Ancient Mummy
Phantom (4 variants)
Phantom Warrior (18 variants)
Phantom Berserker (2 variants)
Phantom Archer (7 variants)
Phantom Mage (10 variants)
Phantom Knight (2 variants)
Phantom Legionary (2 variants)
Phantom Shaman
Phantom Ordinator
Phantom Champion (8 variants)
Phantom Marksman (8 variants)
Phantom Sorcerer (10 variants)
Phantom Templar
Phantom Hero (6 variants)
Phantom Warlock
Restless Dead (4 variants)
Revenant (19 variants)
Revenant Lord (4 variants)
Skeleton Warrior (15 variants)
Skeleton Berserker (2 variants)
Skeleton Archer (6 variants)
Skeleton Mage (10 variants)
Skeleton Knight (4 variants)
Skeleton Legionary (2 variants)
Skeleton Shaman
Skeleton Ordinator (3 variants)
Skeleton Champion (7 variants)
Skeleton Marksman (7 variants)
Skeleton Sorcerer (10 variants)
Skeleton Templar
Skeleton Hero (6 variants)
Skeleton Warlock
Vampiric Mist
Wight (2 variants)
Zombie (12 variants)
Armored Zombie (26 variants)
Zombie Lord (10 variants)