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Added: 21/12/2013 - 08:43PM
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Have you ever felt your game immersion ruined when you start a new game with the Bloodmoon expansion selected and everyone on Vvardenfell seems to know about Solstheim? Did you ever wonder why every Imperial you met had their son sent to Solstheim?

I used to get so annoyed by this I'd deselect Bloodmoon from my load list just so I wouldn't see the rumour remark.

Then finally I thought I'm not putting up with this anymore and hence this tiny mod which filters the reference to Solstheim in the latest rumours topic.

Now the only person who has had their son sent to Solstheim is Jonus Maximus the Knight wearing the full Imperial Templar set of armour at Ebonheart. Other than Jonus only NPC's who are the Agent class and S'virr the shipmaster to Solstheim will introduce the topic Solstheim. I figured agents would know this type of rumour.

Once you have spoken to an agent or Jonus or S'virr about Solstheim then all the folks in Khuul (where you catch the boat to Solstheim) will now be able to tell you about going to the docks to find S'virr as per ususal - I haven't touched their filters at all.


First create a backup of your save files.

Place the esp called "Illy's Solstheim Rumour Fix" in your Morrowind Data Files folder

When you start your next game remember to select the Mod "Illy's Solstheim Rumour Fix" from your game launcher window.

Playing the mod:

This mod is dependent on the Bloodmoon expansion... since Bloodmoon introduces Solstheim.

Reviews from PES:

hosonagaotoko: "Oh, what a must-have mods! Wonderful! Good bye Solstheim popular topic! Thanks a lot :)"

logorouge: "Thank you for making this. I was getting sick of hearing how Solsteim is so cold and every single sons got sent there. Plus, you didn't remove the rumour, just made it less wide spread, which is good."

The Ash Poet: "Flawless, and just what I've wanted since Bloodmoon was released."

unclesnapple: "Brilliant idea! Even all the custom companions I've gotten over the years won't shut the Hell up about Solsteim. This is much more lore-friendly."


For the CS: Bethesda

Illuminiel: For taking the time to make this mod and sharing it with everyone :)


Use at own risk

This mod is allowed to be converted to non-english versions of Morrowind - however please include a translated version of this readme.