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Only Morrowind is needed to play this mod, no changes have ben made to Tribunal or Bloodmoon.


I see you. Hello. Okay this mod was born from my love of Morrowind. Having played this game raw to the point that i had to buy 5 replacement discs. A lot of care and love has gone into this mod. I hope you'll give it a shot, and feel free to give any feed back, with out further adieu here are the changes..


*Lowered Fortify Attack Buff to 50, Down from 75.
*More Misc. Creatures have ben buffed 13% to 20%.

==What will this mod do to my Morrowind?==

1st things 1st. Balance. Balance is obtained wen the player wants to adventure out into the deeps of a dungeon or see the sights of a new town or learn more about quests. So with this in mind I've made some alterations.

Leveling in Morrowind is VERRY drawn out. it seems like the ride never stops. all values have ben altered to a higher ammount now the player will not have to grind to get there skills up. just play and level. no min-maxing needed.

Sorry to say, but I've left player enchanting alone. I think that its good for it to be hard, Risk vs. Rewards kinda thing works for me. BUT NPC enchanting was out of control. NPC Enchanters will no longer charge you a Golden arm and a Diamond leg to make enchantments(Vanilla: 1000x, my mod: 100x). Also, the minimum requirement for making a Constant Effect has ben altered to just 100, down from 400.

Spells, I love casters, who does not love a good fire ball? spell effects have ben altered to better reflect what i think morrowind needed. like now, Command [human/critter], Blind, Weakness to [said element], calm, shield/elemental shields, and reflect spells are now actualy a little better and you could even just run an illusion mage and never even cast a single fire ball on a play thew. All Races have ben given 2 Magicka regeneration rate at all times.

Miss.. Miss.. Miss... Miss.. 7 damage. "sigh..." you dislike this as much as i do? how about all races gaining a passive that grants 75 Fortify Attack so you only have a 25% chance to miss starting out your character. All races have ben given 10 Additional points of Endurance, you'll see why further down.

Zomg Loot makes the world go round! now there are new load tables that roll for almost every container in the game. and no, its not like you'll notice a over quantity of items in every container, but its a subtle thing, and you'll find some thing new, and say to your self "Huh, cool." Are there new Over powered Items in this mod? no. All weapons and armors/clothes that have ben added are on par with vanilla. the prices on items like books, miscs, weapons, armors, potions, ingredients, arrows, scrolls, ect the list goes on and on, just know that prices are a little better and you will no longer be able to make over bearing sums of gold from .. "x-sploits". Lockpicks, Probes, Repair items, and Potion making equipment have ben nerfed. not to a great degree, but enuf to make you want to invest in your utilities. only Potion making equipment has ben Nerfed to a point to where its only viable for the player, no more of those 200 Gold potion values, yes your 100Alch potions will still be good, but just not worth a small army of golden saint souls. there are also lots of new hidden items in the game. so make sure you keep your eye open for some thing that catches your attention.

Oh those Bonelords to easy? these mudcrabs have you laughing out loud? not any more. prepare for torment. Monster are now quite a bit more dangerus in nature, you'll prolly not die to a rat still, well i hope not, if so. you should reroll a better character bro. some key monsters have ben "empowered" giving them new spells, and skills to fight you and your minions/party mates. Bandits. why arn't there more of them? Bandit highwaymen now rome about the game looking for some one to steel from.

No quests have ben altered, but new Quartermasters have ben added to Balmora and Vivec's fighters guild, mages guild and the thieves guild. These NPCs will sell you some unique equipment and give big discounts, but only if your rank is high enuf to even talk to them.


I want to know what you think. where I improve my mod. just let me know! and if its a great idea, I'll add it and credit it where credit is due!


Me and those who give imput!