Take Divayth Fyrs ego down a bit by TheDrunkenMudcrab
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You look at Divayth Fyr, and you say: "Wow. That guy's been places. He made his own daughters, runs a corpusarium, (And later single-handedly cures the disease) and has various artifacts strung throughout his tower. Oh, and did I mention he's in a book? He's supposedly the first wizard to open a portal to the Oblivion realms." With this much ego... WHY DOES HE HAVE TO HAVE A FULL SUIT OF DAEDRIC ARMOR!? This man is intimidating enough as it is, with many accomplishments that the player cannot achieve- so why then does he have to have a full suit, the only true identity that marks the player as "The best of the best?" It may be just a matter of taste and opinion, but if I went around the entire world, deep into vampire dens, ancient pirate's graves, Dwemer cities under Mournhold, and atop Ice Castles surrounded by legions of Rieklings, I SURE AS HELL want to be the only one in Morrowind with the full Daedric suit!

This is reason one that I made this mod, and the main reason. But, a secondary reason would be that Divayth Fyr is a 'very' easy way to gain a full suit of daedric armor. This fixes it, to where the only way to gain the armor is to go out and work for it.