New Predefined Classes by Dane Clarke
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Added: 08/09/2013 - 06:23AM
Updated: 11/12/2013 - 08:25AM

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Last updated at 8:25, 11 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 6:23, 8 Sep 2013

Adds 8 new predefined classes to the game: Arcane Hunter, Berserker, Brawler, Illusionist, Magelord, Spellprobe, Veteran Fighter, and Warper. You will have to make a new character to be able to play as these classes. Check the readme for information regarding them.

This mod does not require either expansion. To install the mod, drop the plugin file in the Morrowind data folder, then enable the plugin through the Morrowind launcher.

Update 1.2 was released on 12/11/13. This update contains 1 new classes (Arcane Hunter) and some grammar corrections to the mod and mod readme. The next versions of the mod (which will come out sometime in the near future, I suppose) will for sure add some new classes, and possibly adjust the existing ones.