Conjured Bound Weapon Replacer by jeclxohko
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Added: 07/09/2013 - 02:53PM
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Last updated at 14:53, 7 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 14:53, 7 Sep 2013

Inspired by trainwiz's "Bound Weapon Replacer" I made this mod
using his/her base models/meshes.

This mod replaces the in-game's Daedric bound weapons with
ones that have conjuration particles and are
textured to have the yellow conjuration tint on the weapons.

"Bound Daedric Weapon Replacer.esp"
- Replaces the in game bound weapons. No weapon (vanilla) stats affected.

"Bound Daedric Weapon Replacer (More Powerful).esp"
- Replaces the in game bound weapons and makes all of them more
powerful. They are better than daedric weapons (but stil
(balanced in my opinion) Raises the magic effect cost of all 6 bound weapons to 12.0 so
they will be harder to cast and cost more magicka. Changes the enchanting of all bound weapons.


*Bethesda Softworks for the default daedric textures, and meshes
found in game.

*Trainwiz for his/her meshes.