990 Crystal-Gem Ingredient Resources by jeclxohko
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Last updated at 13:46, 7 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 13:46, 7 Sep 2013

This is a modders resource containing 990 Crystals set up as
ingredients! All with matching icons!!!

This is a conversion of "Clavis's Crystals Resource Pack"
the original resource had 990 crystals for use as static objects.

I really wanted to use them as ingredients so I converted them
for use as Ingredients! After converting them from static objects
to ingredient I made matching icons for all 990 crystals and set
up their names and values.

I have added a resize script on all the crystals as the default
size was used for statics, I did not bother scaling
them down using nifscope as there are just too many - 990 .nif
files to scale down.

So some of the crystals will float! It could or could not look
good but I think they look great floating especially the grand
ones - suits their name if used as lootable design.

Second purpose of the script on all the gems was so that other
modders could add more functions to the crystals..


For those who want them as loot I've made an optional .esp
"Crystal Loot" just activate this along with the master .esm file.

The crystals should show up as loot on tombs and misc items
where you get paper, bottles, baskets etc... Keep in mind they
are set up as ingredients and have no alchemical effects. They
are just good for selling.

This is only a resource + esp with the required meshes, textures,
and icons.

The gems have no alchemical effects! You guys must make them
this is why it is a resource. Though they have good categorized
names and values set-ups such as:


Crystals 165 20 drakes
Petty Crystals 165 40 drakes
Lesser Crystals 165 80 drakes
Common Crystals 165 120 drakes
Greater Crystals 165 200 drakes
Grand Crystals 165 300 drakes


Alternate Icons

I've also included alternate icons for use and for replacements
(see screenshots). 4x folders with 990 different crystal icons
each 2 folders require set-up in the CS and the other 2 are

Earlier mods that also inspired me to start my own project:

*Karen Young (Clavis) - for her wizard crystal resources
used in her work:
Bethesda - For crystal meshes 1 & 2.
Lady E/Proudfoot - For crystal meshes 3 & 4
Oriphier - For crystal mesh 5.
Qarl - For crystal mesh 6.