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You can now have a spouse in Morrowind. You can marry any race or gender. There are four ways to get married. Two of the ways is through the Tribunal Temple or Nine Divines which is what you will do most of the NPCs. You can but a Amulet Of Mara from a priest in Ebonheart, Mournhold, or Fort Frostmoth or two Engagement Rings from priests in Bamora or Mournhold. But for nomad NPCs they have their own wedding traditions. Not every NPC can be married. Only certain quest related NPCs can be married and you must complete the quest and complete it correctly to marry the NPC. Once you marry the NPC they will provide you with a daily meal, store profit from their job, they can travel with you and some will provide a home. This makes Morrowind feel a little more like Skyrim. You can only get divorce if your are married to an ashlander and your banished from their tibe. Your spouse is essential and cannot be killed. If you only want spouses who acually own stores to offer store profit then download the Marriage Store Profit plugin. If you want to make a mod that uses Marriage download the Modding Guide to help understand how my files work. And if you play Oblivion also look at my Oblivion Marriage.

There is a mod that requires Jobs that will add more meals that your spouse can serve. You can download it here.

Tribunal (Marriage Tribunal)
Bloodmoon (Marriage Bloodmoon)
Marriage (Marriage Store Profit & Marriage Tribunal & Marriage Bloodmoon)

To install just download then extract folder and drag master into your data files folder

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