Rare Magic Wares Merchant by Dane Clarke
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Added: 31/08/2013 - 01:11PM
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Last updated at 12:10, 16 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 13:11, 31 Aug 2013

Release Update: Version 1.3.5 has been released, check the readme or changelog for full information. This update adds 3 new spell / scroll types to the game (Indomitable Vitality, Mind Rupture, and Nemesis Mark). This update also fixes some issues regarding El-Sei's dialogue and her items. Screenshots of the added content have been uploaded.


Mod Update: Version 1.4 will be released at some point, as I'm just not in the mood for messing about with mod making for a little while.


Future Updates: 1.4 will have a decent amount of new things:

 -A new merchant, Soldrard (male Nord), that will sell restocking rank III scrolls.
  -Like El-Sei and Jo'Rahka, he will have custom dialogue, but he has no connection to El-Sei or Jo'Rahka. He is also not aligned with any faction.
   -Soldrard will be in a custom cell. 

 -(added on 12/15) The levelled lists for scrolls will be changed to a large degree.

 -A new type of scroll (Relic) will be added. Relic scrolls are very powerful, but they can only be found (or fought for) and used once. There will be relic scrolls with out-of-combat uses (one relic scroll has an effect that boosts the Alchemy skill, for example).
  -Soldrard will have a book for sale in his inventory that will give you a general idea as to where these relic scrolls can be found, and if the scroll needs to be fought for, or not.

 -Touch versions of most spells and scrolls will be added.

 -1 additional rank will be added to each spell / scroll.
   -For most scrolls, the new rank will simply be a further increase in power, but a few scrolls will have additional effects added (for example, rank VI of Summon Centurion Sphere will summon 2 Centurion Spheres to fight with you, instead of 1).

 -(added on 12/15) The power of some spells / scrolls will be adjusted.

 -The Magicka cost of all the spells will be adjusted.

 -The gold cost of all the scrolls will be adjusted. 


Mod Description: This mod adds 2 merchants to the game (Jo'Rahka and El-Sei) that sell spells and scrolls which have effects not found elsewhere, such as Restore Magicka, and Fortify Maximum Magicka. Jo'Rahka can be found in the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages, while El-Sei can be found in the Grazelands Region.
This mod does not require either expansion, but can run with one or the other (or both). To install the mod, drop the plugin file in the Morrowind data folder, then enable the plugin through whatever launcher you use. 

Make sure to use some type of levelled list merger and do the usual mod updating process, to avoid conflicts, doubling, and so on. Older versions of this file will remain uploaded, for experimentation purposes.