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If you commit a crime in Morrowind and get caught, a guard will rush to you, draw his sword, and tell you how you are going to jail where you will serve a sentence of hard labor. But what happens when you click that "Go to jail" button? A loading screen appears and you spawn outside of the prison. It breaks the immersion of the game, especially if you play as a thief. With this mod, clicking "Go To Jail" teleports you to the ebony mines, where you will serve your sentence in hard slave labor - as the game intended.

Once you commit a crime, you will be teleported to the "Imperial Raw Ebony Mine" - It's a terrible place, where torches are the only form of light and the air is dirty and musty. You will serve your sentence here, picking away at the ebony. Once you enter the jail, all of your clothes or armor is stripped off, and you are given prison garbs - a pair of dirty, ragged trousers. You are then escorted through a dilapidated wooden door into the mines. You then meet the mine overseer, who explains how you serve your sentence. Each piece of ebony is worth one gold, and each piece of gold paid to the mine overseer reduces your bounty. Once your bounty is paid off, you are free. For example, if you have a bounty of 100, you must mine 100 ebony and pay it to the guard in order to earn your freedom. Every night at 10 PM (When your shift ends), you are required to turn in all of your ebony mined that day to the guard. If you mine nothing, slack off, or don\'t meet the quotas, you are punished. Work hard, and you are rewarded.

Drag the files located in the .ZIP into the data files folder. Enable them in Morrowind launcher.

- Dynamic Lighting, torchlight lighting the mine.
- Realistic Mining (Use a pickaxe and chip away at the ores).
- Fellow Prisoner NPCs with unique dialogues.
- Supports Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 by using only the default meshes/textures.
- Guards throughout the mine will watch for illeagal goods, suicides, or fights.
- There is one way to escape the prison. (Will not spoil it)
- For low bounties (Under 150 gold) the guards will ship you off to the town jail for three days.

- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- Latest version of Morrowind Overhaul (3.0).

- More details added to the mine including more rocks (HD 2K Textures), deadgrowth, minecarts, wheelbarrows full of ore, piles or ore, bodies, etc.
- Ability to join up with other prisoners and escape the mine. Currently you must escape solo.
- Detailed AI Packages for the other prisoners.
- More punishments for subpar work (Whipping, for example)