More Inns by LegoManIAm94 and Spirithawke and WH-Reaper
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================ More Inns ================

# Introduction ==============================================================================

This mod adds more places to rent a bed. You can now sleep at the following places:

Dagon Fel - End of the World, Renter Rooms
Gnaar Mok - Dreugh-jigger's Rest
Gnisis - Madach Tradehouse
Khuul - Thongar's Tradehouse
Molag Mar - The Pilgrim's Rest
Seyda Neen - Arrille's Tradehouse
Suran - Suran Tradehouse
Tel Aruhn - Plot and Plaster
Vivec - Elven Nations Cornerclub
Ald Velothi - Felantisi Rest
Hla Oad - Water Creek Rest

This is update of original version by LegoManIAm94. I would include original readme,
but it was not included in the download. So I included txt file with description from the original
download page at TES Nexus.

# Installation ==============================================================================

Copy Data Files folder with all it's content into your Morrowind directory. Run the
Morrowind launcher, select Data Files, find the esp you want, and double-click to select it.

# Credits ===================================================================================

- LegoManIAm94, Original author.
- Spirithawke, Author of new better mesh for Redoran interiors.
- WH-Reaper, author of version 2.0.

# Usage =====================================================================================

There was no readme provided with the original mod, nor was something about copyright
mentioned in the mod description. Thus I ask you not to modify any part of this mod.

You are free to use Spirithawke's included mesh in any mod, just don't forget
to give him credit.