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============== More Inns 2.0 ==============

# Introduction ==============================================================================

This mod adds more places to rent a bed. You can now sleep at the following places:

Dagon Fel - End of the World, Renter Rooms
Gnaar Mok - Dreugh-jigger's Rest
Gnisis - Madach Tradehouse
Khuul - Thongar's Tradehouse
Molag Mar - The Pilgrim's Rest
Seyda Neen - Arrille's Tradehouse
Suran - Suran Tradehouse
Tel Aruhn - Plot and Plaster
Vivec - Elven Nations Cornerclub
Ald Velothi - Felantisi Rest
Hla Oad - Water Creek Rest

This is version 2.0, update of original version by LegoManIAm94. I would include
original readme, but it was not included in the download. So I included txt file with
description from the original download page at TES Nexus.

# Installation ==============================================================================

Copy Data Files folder with all it's content into your Morrowind directory. Run the
Morrowind launcher, select Data Files, find the esp you want, and double-click to select it.

# Versions ==================================================================================

@ Version 2.0 [WH-Reaper]
- *Fixes*
- Fixed several floating or bleeding objects.
- Fixed some misplaced tiles.
- Cleaned all dirty references.
- Used new mesh for Gnisis, Madach tradehouse by Spirithawke. It uses vanilla textures,
so it will work fine with any texture replacers.
- *Improvements*
- All new/altered interiors were enhanced.
- Better placement of two new shacks.
- Timestamp reset to 25.11.2003(day before Barabus' Fireplaces mod was published at PES),
as it must be loaded before BF.

@ Version 1.0 [LegoManIAm94].
- *Initial release*

# Detailed overview =========================================================================

Dagon Fel - End of the World, Renter Rooms
Publician: Erthorg the Hawk (New NPC)
Room: Added bar with some items in front of Erthorg. Room itself is vanilla.

Gnaar Mok - Dreugh-jigger's Rest
Publician: Hinald
Room: Vanilla

Gnisis - Madach Tradehouse
Publician: Fenas Madach
Room: New room, slightly altered original interior where the new room is connected.

Khuul - Thongar's Tradehouse
Publician: Thongar
Room: Old bed removed, added another bed. Otherwise vanilla.

Molag Mar - The Pilgrim's Rest
Publician: Selkirnemus
Room: Vanilla

Seyda Neen - Arrille's Tradehouse
Publician: Elone
Room: Vanilla

Suran - Suran Tradehouse
Publician: Ashumanu Eraishah
Room: Door next to the rented room additionally locked, otherwise vanilla.

Tel Aruhn - Plot and Plaster
Publician: Drarayne Girith
Room: Added bed and pillows, otherwise vanilla.

Vivec - Elven Nations Cornerclub
Publician: Gadela Andus
Room: New room, slightly altered original interior where the new room is connected.

Ald Velothi - Felantisi Rest (New building)
Publician: Gelandi Felantisi (New NPC)
Room: Completely new interior

Hla Oad - Water Creek Rest (New building)
Publician: Wet-Tail(New NPC)
Room: Completely new interior

*Vanilla room means that only renter NPC, rented bed and possibly door leading to the rented
room are altered.

# Compatibility =============================================================================

- This mod might conflict with other mods altering exterior of Ald Velothi or Hla Oad,
any mentioned interiors, or any publician NPC's in these interiors.

- This mod is compatible with More detailed places - compilation 2010.

- This mod is compatible with MGSO 3.0, including groundcover(grass), with minor exceptions
detailed below.

- This mod slightly conflicts with Animated Morrowind - there is one NPC sitting at dock
in Hla Oad where the new shack is placed. If you want to use both, simply open Animated
Morrowind in CS and move the sitting NPC a bit and save.

- This mod is compatible with Barabus' Fireplaces if it is loaded before BF. Otherwise,
the bed in Arrille's tradehouse will be partially in the fireplace.

# Credits ===================================================================================

- LegoManIAm94, Original author.
- Spirithawke, Author of new better mesh for Redoran interiors.
- WH-Reaper, author of version 2.0.

# Usage =====================================================================================

There was no readme provided with the original mod, nor was something about copyright
mentioned in the mod description. Thus I ask you not to modify any part of this mod.

You are free to use Spirithawke's included mesh in any mod, just don't forget
to give him credit.