The Doors - Caldera by Arcimaestro Antares and WH-Reaper
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======= The Doors - Caldera, Walls 1.1c ======

# Introduction ==============================================================================

This mod adds some city doors to the city of Caldera and a few walls around it. These
doors are closed during the night and open in the morning. The mod also increases height
of city walls.

This is unofficial version 1.1c based on 1.0 by Arcimaestro Antares. I included
original readme.

# Installation ==============================================================================

Copy Data Files folder with all it's content into your Morrowind directory. Run the
Morrowind launcher, select Data Files, find the esp you want, and double-click to select it.

# Versions ==================================================================================

@ Version 1.1c [WH-Reaper]
- *Bugfixes*
- Fixed wall seam by north gate.
- Cleaned with tes3cmd.
- Removed version with low city walls.

@ Version 1.1 [WH-Reaper]
- *Bugfixes*
- The entrance to the bridge above gate looked like window. It was changed to doors.
- Fixed seam in city wall behind blacksmith.
- North wall leading from the castle was a bit lowered and altered, as with MGSO installed
there was hole beneath the wall.
- Fixed seams in railing on the bridges where they touched the towers.
- *Added version with higher city walls*

@ Version 1.0 [Arcimaestro Antares].
- *Initial release*

# Credits ===================================================================================

- Arcimaestro Antares, Original author.
- WH-Reaper, author of version 1.1c.

# Usage ===================================================================================

According to Arcimaestro Antares readme, you are free to use any part of this mod
as you wish. Just inform Arcimaestro at his email: