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Added: 06/05/2013 - 05:26AM
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Last updated at 21:26, 9 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 5:26, 6 May 2013

Fixed some thing's here and there. Added some little detail's around the outside. All in all should look a little nicer.

As usual, Backup your save's/move all your things somewhere safe from the storage because i wouldn't want anyone losing any progress. I tried not touching any container's or other thing's to avoid issue's but just on the safe side.......


Your very own shipwreck home is finally here! Located on the island with the Abandoned Shack southwest from Gnaar Mok.

Come's with the Abandoned Shack, cleaned up a bit, a Abandoned storage unit, with lots of storage and finally a beached shipwreck with nice captains cabin, upper level dining area/living quarters and lower level storage/bedroll. It's very cramped but cozy all at the same time. PLENTY of storage everywhere. Are you a sneaky type? make your home in the lower bowls of the ship. Are you a hunter or outdoor kinda person? sleep under the stars on the deck of the ship. The Choice is yours!

You won't find any overpowered gear, or loads of gold. I use some realism mods so i kept food/drink in certain containers and sacks. I also kept cheap alchemy ingredients in others and maybe hidden a few little trinkets in some :) I've hidden a full set of apprentice level alchemy tools around as well. :)

All you need is Morrowind. no expansions needed

Use nexus mod manager and let it do its thing or download manually, take the .ESP and place it in your Morrowind/data folder and enable it before starting up the game. YOU ONLY NEED ONE FILE! so if you download a update, use that one only and disable/delete the older one.


I highly suggest (if you aren't already) using these mods, as i find they fit well with my nice little abode :)

At Home Alchemy:

Book Rotate:

I am also using MGSO 3.0 on maxed out settings (minus DOF because it gives me a head ache) so that's why my pictures look pretty :)