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Added: 29/04/2013 - 09:31PM
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A cozy home in the Northern Ashlands, two cells East of Urshilaku Camp. It's situated in a hollowed out silt strider shell, and contains a number of containers.

The mod also adds two Ashlanders which allows travel between Blightward and Maar Gan, as well as transportation from Maar Gan to Urshilaku Camp (but no return).

A cavern is going to be added below the home, to allow for storage of artifacts and wealth, but it will be released as a seperate file, as some players might find it a bit "├╝ber" if they just want a simple Ashlander home.

Thanks goes to GreenGuy for inspiration (see the mod GreenGuy's Home). This mod is dedicated to poster/superstar, OccupyTamriel.