The Cutlass Bluetane by SkoomaPro
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Added: 15/04/2013 - 01:58AM
Updated: 12/11/2013 - 04:20AM

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This mod adds my rendering of the Cutlass Bluetane from Fable and Fable:TLC into Morrowind. More specifically, in Addamasartus, for the player to find. The sword is classed as a longblade with stats around that of an Ebony Longsword plus a good shock enchantment. For this reason, if you find the cutlass at the start of the game, I suggest you leave it or stow it away until your level is more appropriate. I would have made it harder to obtain, but I know nothing of quests or scripts.

This mod has been cleaned with TESAME.

Drag the meshes, textures, and .esp file into your Data Folder and check TheCutlassBluetane.esp in your launcher.

Delete the following files and folders:
textures/SP/Bluetane/Blade.tga, handle.tga, pommel.tga