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NOTE: I made this mod over 10 years ago, and I recently noticed that it has mostly gone missing from the internet. Fortunately I found the old files again!

== SUPER Adventurers 3 for Morrowind ==

The 'Adventurers' mod attempts to "balance" Morrowind gameplay by making leveling harder, monsters tougher, expensive items harder to come by and yet easier to sell, and more!

'Super' Adventurers 3 also includes new weapons, armor, faces, clothing and more! This mod is intended to enhance the original Morrowind world only, and doesn't add quests or other story-driven content.

The Adventurers NPC mod is included, which adds hand-placed NPCs to the world, appearing at different times of the day. Markets are crowded in the day for example, and inns may have more at night.

This plugin also includes fixed versions of all the official Bethesda-released plugins (like Bitter Coast sounds, Adamantium and LeFemme armor, etc.). So don't use those plugins with this one.


- Simply extract all files to your [Data Files] folder, which is located inside the [Morrowind] game folder. Then on the Morrowind launcher screen click Data Files and activate the main .esp file [Super Adventurers 3.03.esp] and the Tribunal plugin (unfinished) if you have that expansion installed. A Bloodmoon version isn't available yet.


- START A NEW GAME. Really. Some of the changes won't take effect otherwise, and also the game may do some weird things, like creating duplicate NPCs.

- The new spells, NPCs, items, and so forth in the editor have been clearly labeled in the format: _adv_objectname. It should be easier to locate the new stuff if you want to change something yourself or just look around.


We don't want to get too far before we mention the creators of many of the extra items and features in Super Adventurers. If we get something wrong or leave someone out, let us know so that we can slap ourselves vigorously.

- Original face and hair models by Rhedd. Original face and hair textures by Allerleirauh.
- Also a few faces from kathykitten.
- Knight's armor by Jeremy McGuinn.
- Cloaks by Mykul.
- All new weapon models from Blademaster collection (by Fidel Dahlan?)


- New Knight armor for Imperial knights.
- Cloaks, capes, and hooded robes.

(all new models and textures)
- Barbarian axe and broadsword (heavy steel)
- Ranger longsword, shortsword, and waraxe
- Silver katana
- Imperial flamberge (large one-handed sword)
- new Steel broadsword and katana models
- Templar shortsword
- Ivory dagger and katana
- Ashlander dagger (enchanted)
- Ritual dagger (enchanted)
- Assassin blade
- Elsweyr katana (Khajiit specialty)
- Cyrodiil longsword (for Nobles)
- Other unique weapons can be found in certain shrines and temples. You'll know when you see it. There's no new dialogue hints yet, so just keep looking.


- Normal skeletons have random weapons, a few have healing potions. They are still pretty easy. And, yes, we tested it ourselves and you can make it to the end without anyone dying.
- NPC companions altered, especially the mage, to be more effective.
- The boss Lich has less HP, but more creative attacks and defenses.

Adamantium and LeFemme armor
- The armor is harder to get now, especially Adamantium. You cannot purchase a full set right away anymore.
- Armor values were changed to fit with Adventurers. See the charts in the main Adventurers readme file.
- The new armor is worn by more NPCs now.


- New guards and knights.
- Random generic NPCs can be found in city streets and inside some public places like taverns and shops.
- Some NPCs are gone at night, mainly the generic NPCs wandering around town.
- Bandits may attack you at random times in random places.
- Vampires roam certain places at night at random.
- New guards, knights, and troopers.


- Training now costs 2.5 times normal, to make it more difficult to "powerlevel" your character (iTrainingMod). 10-25

- Base amount of mana for all characters is 1.5 times intelligence instead of only 1x (fPCbaseMagickaMult).

- Reduced hit point gains for leveling up. For example a character with 50 endurance will gain 7 HP (50 * 0.14) per level. (fLevelUpHealthEndMult) 0.14

- We've increased the base walking speed for everyone by 10% (fMaxWalkSpeed, fMinWalkSpeed).
- Increased the running speed (fBaseRunMultiplier). 2.4

- Running uses less fatigue. (fFatigueRunBase) 5 - 4
- Jumping and attacking use a bit more fatigue. (fFatigueJumpBase, fFatigueAttackBase) 5 - 10 and 2 - 3.1
- Fatigue regenerates a bit faster. (fFatigueReturnBase) 2.5 - 3

- Less likely to be knocked down in combat. (iKnockDownOddsBase) 50 - 35

- More likely to get diseased from creatures (fDiseaseXferChance) 2.5 - 4

- You can carry more stuff now, relative to your current STRENGTH. (fEncumbranceStrMult) 5 - 6

- If you talk to an NPC with your weapon drawn, you have -15 disposition instead of just -5 (fDispWeaponDrawn).

- Maximum chance to block 75% instead of 50%. (iBlockMaxChance) 50 - 75
- Minimum chance to block 15% instead of 10%. (iBlockMinChance) 10 - 15

- You can hold your breath at ( 25 sec + 0.6*END ) instead of ( 20 sec + 0.5*END ), which means a bit longer than before (fHoldBreathTime + fHoldBreathEndMult).

- 80% of the projectiles you hit an opponent with will appear in their inventory instead if only 25% (fProjectileThrownStoreChance) 25 - 80

- Projectiles travel much faster now (fProjectileMaxSpeed, fProjectileMinSpeed, fThrownWeaponMaxSpeed, fThrownWeaponMaxSpeed). 4200, 900, 1500, 700

- NPCs and critters will now properly run from combat based on their individual AI Flee value. (Credit goes to Wakim) (fAIFleeFleeMult from 0.3 to 1.5 fAIFleeHealthMult from 7.0 to 56.0)

- Enchanted items don't recharge as fast. (fMagicItemRechargePerSecond from 0.05 to 0.03)

- fEnchantmentConstantDurationMult from 100.00 to 110.00

- The price you pay at an enchanter to enchant an item is LESS. (fEnchantmentValueMult 1000 - 750)
- The price you pay for spells is triple.

- Changed fPickLockMult from -1.00 to -1.30. This values a security skill over 50.

- If you talk to an NPC with your weapon drawn, you have -15 disposition instead of just -5. (fDispWeaponDrawn) -15

- Merchants' money replenishes after three days instead of just one. (fBarterGoldResetDelay) 24 -

- Harder to bribe now, so that personality skill will come in more handy. (fBribe1000Mod: 150 to 130, fBribe100Mod: 75 to 65, fBribe10Mod: 35 to 32)

- Merchants are a little more stingy now. (fBargainOfferBase 50 to 46)

- Changed menu message, "Resting here is illegal..." to "Camping here is ..." to differentiate sleeping (which you can't do) from merely waiting (which you can do). (Credit goes to Wakim)

- Changed the governing attributes some skills:
spear - from strength to agility
athletics - from strength to endurance
acrobatics - now governed by endurance

- Skill proficiency rate changes:
Most skills are now easier to improve through use. If you would like to alter the values yourself, open [adventurers_gamesettings.esp] in the editor, click on the menu [Character] then select [Skills...].

Axe - 1 per successful use
Blunt weapon - 0.95 per successful use
Long Blade - 0.85 per successful use (slower)
Marksman - 1.2 per successful use
Short Blade - 0.80 per successful use
Spear - 1.1 per successful use

Acrobatics - 0.14 per jump (slower)
Alchemy - 3 per potion created, .75 per ingredient used
Alteration - 2 per successful use
Armorer - 0.55 per successful use
Athletics - 0.03 per second of running, 0.05 per second of swimming
Block - 2.6 per successful use
Conjuration - 1.7 per successful use
Destruction - 1.1 per successful use
Enchant - 7 per item recharged, 0.16 for using magic item, 15 per item created
Hand to Hand - 2 per successful use
Heavy Armor - 0.95 per hit by opponent
Illusion - 1.4 per successful use
Light Armor - 1.2 per hit by opponent
Medium Armor - 1.1 per hit by opponent
Mercantile - 0.35 per bargain, 1.25 per bribe
Mysticism - 2.5 per successful use
Restoration - 1.4 per successful use
Security - 3.75 per trap defeated, 3 per lock picked
Sneak - 1 per successful avoid notice, 4.6 per successful pick-pocket
Speechcraft - 2.2 per successful persuasion, 0.25 for failure
Acrobatics - 0.14 per jump (faster)
Unarmored - 1.7 per hit by opponent (faster)

The new entry requirements for guilds and houses:

Fighters: Str 40, End 31, primary skill 10 (can't join if you're scrawny)
Mages: Int 36, Wil 32, primary skill 20 (gotta have some basic mage skills)
Thieves: Agi 35, Per 31, primary skill 10 (not too picky)

Telvanni: Int 55, Wil 35, primary skill 50, 15 (must be a decent mage first)
Hlaalu: Spd 35, Agi 30, primary skill 45 (gotta be skilled)
Redoran: Str 50, End 40, primary skill 40 (must be tough to join)

Imperial Cult: Per 35, Wil 30, primary skill 10 (just need some personality)
Legion: End 35, Agi 32, primary skill 20 (can't join right away)
Morag Tong: Spd 35, Agi 35, primary skill 40 (are you a sleek killing machine?)
Temple: Wil 32, Per 32, primary skill 10 (they aren't too picky)


- Alchemy: Ash yams have fortify intelligence effect, and are plentiful and cheap. Stacking intelligence potions can have game-unbalancing consequences, like making super-powerful potions and enchantments. So now the only ingredients that can fortify intelligence are Daedra skins and Dreugh wax.

- It should be more difficult to obtain expensive items. For instance, some items were just lying around or guarded by wimpy characters; they are now guarded better and more difficult to obtain, and hopefully more satisfying when you do get them.

- Enchantments on items like rings were pathetic. What are you gonna do with an 8 dollar ring that has 10 casts of shock 1-15? Many enchantments are better now, and the items more expensive.

- Bound weapons - enchanted items that have this effect are more expensive.

- Paralyzing weapons are more expensive and have less charge.

- Repair items have about 3 times as many uses, cost more, but weigh the same.

- Probes have less uses and are more expensive.

- Lamps and torches last MUCH longer than before.

- Ingredients from creatures are now generally worth a bit more. So you can go out and kill a couple of mudcrabs and have a bit of money to spend. Also most animals yield more ingredients, like feathers, meat, skin, etc.

- Contents of generic barrels are more random now. Also, there is a chance of getting a decent item at ANY level, so your level 2 character actually has a chance of getting a decent item while exploring. Also now there's a very small chance of finding good stuff in ordinary containers, like a sword hidden in a closet, a ring hidden in an urn, etc.

- We can't reduce the ranges of short ranged weapons below 1.00, Morrowind doesn't allow it.

- Fix more weak item enchantments, replace with better variety of magic items with permanent enchantments (for example, a Nordic axe with +10 to strength)

- Weapon enchantments were altered to mostly be CAST ON STRIKE or CONSTANT EFFECT.

Weapon notes
tanto is a faster, more expensive version of dagger (tanto slashes)
wakazashi is a faster, more expensive version of shortsword (wakaz. slashes)
saber is faster than longsword, but less damage (saber slashes)
broadsword slower, more durable, more damage than longsword (also chop damage vs thrust)
spear is faster than halberd, halberd does more damage (halberd chops)
a staff has 2x enchant capacity
katana is faster than longsword, more damage, very expensive and rare
adamantium weapons don't ignore normal weapon resistance

Fixed Enchantments: (not all changes listed, just some to give you an idea)
- Umbra Sword: Was only soultrap! Weak! Now CONST fortify speed, strength, and agility 10 and fortify health 20.
- Saint's Black Sword: Was CAST ON USE with weak health and fatigue restoration. Now has CAST WHEN STRIKES healing effects.
- sting_en: Added absorb agility 5-10 WHEN STRIKES.
- daedric_dagger_mtas: Was WHEN STRIKES absorb health for over 300 health per hit. Now absorbs health for 2-20 per hit.
- Wizard's Staff: Was fortify unarmored and levitate for 120 seconds, now has fortify destruction, alteration, and conjuration for 120 seconds and restore 30 magicka.
- racerbeak_en: Increased poison damage per hit.
- Eleidon's Ward shield: Was heal 50-100. Now CONSTANT sanctuary 15, fortify health 25, resist magicka 10. AR 70.
- Cuirass of the Savior's Hide: Was CONST. resist magicka 60. Now resist magicka 40, fortify health 15.
- Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw: Was CONST fortify agility 40 endurance 40. Now CONST fortify agility, endur, and strength 15.
- Spell Breaker shield: Was ON USE silence and reflect. Now CONST reflect 40, and silence (on self)


- Altered many of the auto-calc spells to give the NPCs a better variety of spells at any level. Specific spell changes are too many to list right now.

- Spells travel much faster now (fTargetSpellMaxSpeed). 3200 Also, added more area to many spells, since it was too easy to dodge them before.

- Changed starting restoration spell from Hearth Heal to Balyna's Soothing Balm

- Some powerful spells and their effects are now only available from high-ranking mages.

- Absorb spells are much more expensive. Contrary to what the instructions say, absorb takes from your enemy, gives to you, and DOESN'T GIVE IT BACK. So absorb is twice as good as damage.

- Made some damage spells have a longer duration. Casters will almost never cast a spell you are already being affected by. So for instance a creature will melee you while you are being affected by it's 15 second fire spell.

- New line of "great summon spells" allow you to summon a creature for 10 minutes at a big discount. Normal cost of at least 300 magicka, on sale for just under 100!

- New death spells! With a one-second drain effect (removes a certain amount of health for one second then returns it), it will either kill or do nothing.

Some spell types have been made too expensive to enchant or make with the spellmaker, so that their effects are available only through pre-made items and spells. Why? Because these are too easily exploitable or too powerful. For example:
- calm (All magnitudes of calm have the same effect; you can stop any level creature with a cheap level 1 calm spell)
- drain health (a duration 1 magnitude 100 drain health spell will instantly kill most creatures, and is easy for almost any character to create and cast)
- open (What's the use of having the security skill if any mage with alteration skill can open doors as easily as you can?)
- drain skill, absorb skill (in the right hands these spells can render any opponent helpless)

This affects the auto-calculation of individual spell costs

Spell types that are more expensive now:
- absorb attribute 2 - 10
- almsivi intervention - 150 - 200
- bound armor 2 - 3
- bound cuirass 2 - 3.5
- cure common disease: 300.00 to 450.00
- damage attribute 8 - 12
- divine intervention 150 - 220
- mark 350 - 400
- recall 350 - 400
- resist paralysis: 0.20 to 1.3
- restore health 5 - 10
- soultrap: 2.00 to 4.0
- telekinesis 1 to 2
- water walking 3 - 5

- damage fatigue 4 - 1.5
- damage health 6 - 5.5
- damage magicka 8 - 4
- fire damage: From 5.00 to 4.5
- frost damage 5.00 to 4.5
- poison 9.00 to 5
- shock damage 7.00 to 4.75

- shield 2 - 0.9
- fire shield 3 - 1.7
- frost shield 3 - 1.6
- lightning shield 3 - 1.6

- resist fire 2.00 to 0.55
- resist frost 2.00 to 0.50
- resist poison 2.00 to 0.50
- resist shock 2.00 to 0.50
- resist common disease 2 - 0.4
- resist blight disease 5 - 1
- resist magicka 2.00 to 1.50
- resist normal weapons 5.00 to 4.00

- weakness to fire 2 - 0.4
- weakness to frost 2 - 0.4
- weakness to poison 2 - 0.4
- weakness to shock 2 - 0.4
- weakness to magicka 2 - 0.9
- weakness to normal weapons: 2 - 1.5

- absorb fatigue 4 - 1
- blind 1 - 0.4
- burden 1.0 - 0.25
- charm 5 - 3
- command creature 15.00 to 5.00
- command humanoid 15.00 to 6.00
- demoralize creature 1.00 to 0.6
- demoralize humanoid to 0.8
- detect animal 0.75 to 0.3
- detect enchantment 1 to 0.4
- detect key 1 - 0.4
- disintegrate armor 6 - 0.75
- disintegrate weapon 6 - 0.75
- dispel 5 - 3.5
- drain attribute 1.00 to 0.6
- drain fatigue 4 - 0.13
- drain magicka 3 - 1.5
- feather 1.00 to 0.05
- fortify fatigue 0.50 to 0.25
- invisibility 20 - 18
- jump 3 - 1.5
- light 0.20 - 0.05
- night eye 0.2 to 0.04
- reflect - 2.8
- restore attribute 1 - 0.2
- restore fatigue 1.00 to 0.4
- restore skill 1 - 0.2
- sanctuary 1.00 to 0.85
- silence 40 to 31
- slow fall 3.00 to 1.5
- sound 3 - 0.7
- spell absorption x - 2.4
- swift swim 2 - 0.5
- water breathing: 3.00 to 2.00

- Ancestral Ghost 7.00 to 4.00
- Skeletal Minion 13.00 to 10.00
- Scamp 12.00 to 10.00
- Bonewalker 13.00 to 15.00
- Greater Bonewalker 15.00 to 20.00
- Bonelord 25.00 to 20.00
- Clannfear 22.00 to 25.00
- Flame Atronach 23.00 to 25.00
- Frost Atronach 27.00 to 30.00
- Dremora 28.00 to 30.00
- Hunger 29.00 to 30.00
- Daedroth 32.00 to 35.00
- Storm Atronach 38.00 to 35.00
- Winged Twilight 52.00 to 40.00
- Golden Saint 55.00 to 50.00


- The following 'classes' of NPCs now have random, leveled healing potions and weapons: Acrobat, Agent, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Battlemage, Crusader, Dreamer, Enchanter, Enforcer, Healer, Hunter, Knight, Mabrigash, Mage, Master-At-Arms. Monk, Necromancer, Nightblade, Noble, Pilgrim, Priest, Rogue, savant, Scout, Sharpshooter, Smuggler, Sorcerer, Spellsword, Thief, Warlock, Warrior, Witch, Witchhunter.

- Higher level NPCs have more healing potions, and as you, the player, go up in level, the NPCs will have more potent potions and better weapons.

- Warriors may have leveled axes and swords, Mages and Priests may have leveled staffs (staves?) or shortswords.

- Master trainers now train only to 85 or 90, not 100.

- Many merchants have more gold now.

- Most enchanters now will only offer services to high ranking members of their faction. Other enchanters don't buy or sell weapons or armor anymore, to slow the flow of money there.

- Specific NPCs that guard valuable items or locations may be beefed up, because many of them are too lame to defend what they're guarding. This is part of making expensive items more difficult to get.

- Orc guards in Gnisis had Imperial short swords, but their lack of shortsword skill makes that a poor choice. They now have broadswords.

- Assassins now have illusion as a major skill, so that we could add some illusion spells.


- Most intelligent creatures can now heal themselves.

- Some higher level creatures have enhanced abilities and more powerful spells, like turning invisible, chameleon, paralyzing, and more.

- New Creatures:
- Shadow Archers are better skeleton archers with chameleon and increased speed.
- Shock Centurions are a bit faster than Steam Centurions and fire shock bolts.
- Hill Ogrim are a slightly weaker, slower version of Ogrim.

- Most low-level creatures are less prone to attack, like mudcrabs, cliff racers and guar (not wild guar). Most will still attack if you get too close, though. Diseased and blighted creatures are still mean.

- Summoned creatures have soul value that's five or less, so they can't be used for easy soul trapping.

- "Creeper" the super scamp merchant no longer has tons of money to barter with; however, he does have some interesting items available.

- Reduced the soul value of common creatures.


- Argonians now have CONSTANT water breathing and swift swim 10, and extra 5 to spear and unarmored skills. Only 25 for personality now, since people don't generally like you, but an extra 5 for endurance and strength.

- Bretons are unchanged.

- Dark Elves have an extra 5 in mysticism, long blade, and destruction, and 5 in medium armor instead of light.

- High Elves now resist frost 50% and lose all weaknesses except to fire.

- Imperials have +10 to medium armor instead of light, extra 5 to mercantile, speechcraft and blunt weapon, 5 taken from long blade. Voice of the emperor is much effective now, and Star of the west is now removed.

- Khajiit: An extra 10 to sneak and 5 to acrobatics. Bonus 5 to illusion instead of hand-to-hand. Constant Night Eye and jump 5. Removed Eye of Fear.

- Nords get an extra 5 heavy armor and athletics, -5 to medium armor, and marksman instead of spear. Woad and Thunder Fist replaced with Thunder Charge, which gives extra health, strength, speed and attack rating for 45 seconds.

- Orcs get an extra 5 to axe, armorer, and added 10 to blunt weapon (for that orcish warhammer). Minus 5 to heavy armor (orcish is medium). Male has extra 5 strength, female extra 5 agility, and both personality minus 5 because, hey, you're a stinking orc! Orc beserk power changed from berserk to shield, which gives you 45 seconds of extra fatigue, health, dispel, and resistance to normal weapons and magicka.

- Redguards get extra 5 to athletics, block instead of blunt weapon, speechcraft instead of medium armor (you smooth talker, you), and armorer instead of short blade.

- Wood Elves, the underdogs, get an extra 5 to agility and speed, 25% resistance to poison, and constant 5 attack rating fortification.

- The Lover: Lover's Kiss power (paralysis), permanent 25 to agility.
- The Mage: Maximum magicka +50%, resist magicka 10%, weakness to normal weapons 10%.
- The Ritual: Turn undead power, 80 health heal spell, and permanent 5 to restoration.
- The Shadow: Invisibility power, permanent 5 to illusion and sneak skill.
- The Serpent: Permanent resist magicka 25%, resist poison 75%, and weakness to frost 50%.
- The Thief: Permanent sanctuary 10, 5 to agility and -5 to strength.
- The Tower: Added permanent 15 to health.
- The Warrior: Permanent 10 to attack, 15 to health, and -5 to intelligence.


- When you become the Imperial Dragon, guards recognize you as such. (Credit goes to Ian 'Jethro' Menzies)

- When you do a "job" for the Morag Tong and take a writ to the guards, they don't take your stolen stuff anymore.

- Moved expensive soul gems from top of Galbedir's desk in Balmora mage's guild into her chest.


Version 3.03

Removed slowfall Khajiit racial ability, as it was causing NPC death in some instances.