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The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND: Menu Time
Version 1.00 by abot

Tribunal or better engine required

Purpose: Adding real time passed in menu mode to game time when out of menu mode

Behaviour/configuration changing global variable from game console:

set ab01mtMode to 0
(default value) to add real time passed in menu mode to game time.

set ab01mtMode to 1
to add scaled real time passed in menu mode to game time.
Factor is standard TimeScale game global variable, so you can adjust it as you like with the
set TimeScale to N
console command, where N is your preferred scaling factor.
Game default is 20, I usually play with a TimeScale between 8 and 10.

set ab01mtMode to 2
to add real time passed reading a book to game time.

set ab01mtMode to 3
same as 2, but time spent reading is scaled using TimeScale

ATTENTION: due to engine limitation recognising only menu open event and book drop sound,
mode 2/3 work as intended only if:
- you equip the book (e.g. drop it over the paper doll) right after opening the inventory menu
- you drop the book to the ground right after reading it

set ab01mtMode to 100
if for any reason you want to temporarily disable the mod script.

In any case, time passed travelling/in jail should be handled by the engine as usual.

You have my full permission to use things I introduced in this mod in your mods,
as long as you rename your scripts/identifiers to avoid conflicts.
Credit is not necessary - but would be nice.