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REQUIRES BLOODMOON & TRIBUNAL (Can someone try launching it without bloodmoon/trib and tell me if it works, because I know Morrowind is a bit relaxed when it comes to master files)


At the moment it's simply an almost empty tower with slight room designs copied from some inn in Sadrith Mora, with some additional furniture added, or moved around to be more unique. But it shall be improved in many different ways later on once I get some feedback on it, preferably in the format of: "Yo dawg, you should add- ".

At the moment to find it simply follow the river towards the ocean from Balmora, you cannot miss it. (It's near a crashed ship)

The current layout of the tower is divided into two halves, the lower half being the main building, and the upper half being the master bedroom. So far the lower half could use some work (Clutter mostly) and the upper half is more or less done for basic purposes, with a few plants currently to compliment Dormouse's Necromancer Realism mod. (b. lichin, anther, and heather plants)

By the way, to reach the upper halve you may need levitation or be able to jump reasonably high.

You may notice an unused house-pod attached to the outer part of the tower, this will later be used for, well, I'll decide that later. I'm thinking of perhaps making that changeable via patches.
At the moment it shouldn't run into any complications with other mods unless they effect the four cells in which the tower sits. (Check the map for an idea where it is)

ps. sorry for making it require the expansions.
ps:s. If anyone can take some better screenshots, like during the day or something, that'd be great... My Morrowind is giving a D3D error on taking screenshots, plus my current character is a vampire.
ps:s:s. This mod is sort of an apology for me not making that St. Patricks overhaul mod for Skyrim, but my old computers motherboard got fried.
ps:s:s:s. I like to make ps. notes.
ps:s:s:s:s. I know nobody will read this because almost nobody plays Morrowind anymore it seems, no idea why considering with the right mods this game is better than most others out right now.
ps:s:s:s:s:s. I highly recommend using Melian's Teleport Mod so that you can set a mark to the tower for easy access.

Future Patch Ideas:

Maybe an underground Garden and alchemy lab.
Maybe an underground prison.
Maybe the pod can be an alchemy lab.
Maybe merchants.
Maybe an explorable dungeon.
Maybe a Quest-line.
Maybe vampires.
Maybe werewolves.
Maybe wizards.
Maybe ebyaM
Reason For Creation of Mod:
Well I was looking around the Nexus for a good home for my Vampire Necromancer, carrying around lots of junk and pulling my minions from place to place without a base was kind of a bummer. Well I couldn't find any reasonably good, large, yet simple, homes. So I figured I'd make my own, and I think it turned out quite well considering it was such a simple mod.