Seyda Neen Harbor by Ian Bitters
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Added: 24/02/2013 - 05:19AM
Updated: 26/02/2013 - 06:52AM

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Last updated at 6:52, 26 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 5:19, 24 Feb 2013

(Pictures are unaccurate)
I couldn't stand the fact their wasn't a realistic dock anywhere in Morrowind so I decided to add one! Introducing the all new commercial style dock in Seyda Need! It includes a typical wooden loading dock, and besides that is another dock for boats and a grid for all you ship building needs!

Take a venture out at sea and fillet yourself a slaughterfish! Don't become fish food out their...

Take a walk past the dock and find yourself a mystic and new vendor offering some typical goods and a good place to have a drink of Norvels fine brews!

Changes: Added a small and most interesting shop to Seyda Neen along with a few large docks and a smaller dock. Added boats, some debris in the water, slaughterfish meat.
Adjusted some rocks in the ocean and around Seyda Neen slightly. Removed/moved a few rocks, flora, and trees.
Adjusted textures and shaded according to new structures.
Added "Sharpened" weapons to the leveled items list. This is iron, steel, and silver weapons, just sharpened! These should be balanced. Let me know.
Added a few unique creatures, three NPCs. One guard. A few weapons.

This mod is designed to be compatible with TM - New Seyda Neen mod. If used with TM - New Seyda Neen this mod must be loaded first, as it will create floating objects for that mod. (Which I highly recommend downloading) I think it is because that mod adjust the landscape.
This mod is NEW and I am new to modding for Morrowind, please comment and assist me by reporting any errors or problems!