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By Raveren (
Current Version: 1.1.1 (2006-11-14, latest and most probably final)


This mod lets you easily and conflict-free rotate/position/
scale/delete almost any item in the game world. As an added bonus
lets raise dead people and creatures and shows the original owner
of selected items.

Decorator+ is actually a greatly improved, seamless mash-up of
two of my released plugins - undo death and rotate enhanced.

***Playing the Plugin***
The first time you load this plugin, you will be presented with
a notification, telling you to select a key to bind with the
Decorator+ main menu. Press whichever key on the keyboard and
your configuration is done.

At anytime while looking directly at an item (with its name
showing under the crosshair), press the key you chose before.
You will be presented with a menu, which should be
self-explanatory. Some words on some of the entries:
"Pause 3 sec" - gives you 3 seconds to look around the item
without the menus. After 3 seconds you are presented again
with the main menu
"Set Main Key" - lets you bind another key with the main menu
"Rotate/Position" - the main part of this plugin. Gives another
menu to control the facing and coordinates of the item. Choose
"Begin" to start. You control the attributes with your arrow
keys and page up/page down like this:
x axis - Left: decrease, Right: increase value
y axis - Down: decrease, Up: increase value
z axis - Pgdn: decrease, Pgup: increase value
ENTER - confirm/return
To toggle between positioning/rotating press the main key you
associated before. When rotating, PRESS AND HOLD the SHIFT key
to rotate in 45° steps.

Note that there are issues with the game that reset the
position of an item to previous values if its scale was altered
in the same save game. If you must alter the position AND the
scale of one item you are advised to reload the game before
doing one or the other action. The plugin tries to stop you
from doing otherwise.

Controlling Scale:
Up - enlarge, Down - shrink the item,
ENTER - confirm/return

Selecting a corpse will bring up a smaller menu, that lets you
either dispose of it completely (without looting its
belongings) or bring it back to life.