The Mills of Morrowind by RubberMan
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The Elder Scrolls III

Mills of Morrowind by RubberMan
Version: V1.00

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Unzip the files into the Morrowind directory

Run Morrowind and select Data Files from the menu and tick the box next to the file name to include it in the game.

Almost everything in Morrowind is made of wood. Where does it come from? Well I decided to make the meshes to solve this mystery and now there are two lumber mills on the mainland.

The esp also adds two new NPC's that will engage in their own very brief dialogue and also added them to the"Specific place" topic in the near by towns.

This is generally made for eye candy and to expand the realism of the game and it is not a quest mod.

However, it does scream out for a quest to be made so who knows? Maybe I will do so in the future or some nice modder willl do the job for me.

This mod has been tested with the Morrowind Overhaul 3 installed and no conflicts/ floating grass or missing objects have been discovered.

If you find a bug then please let me know and I will fix it.

Mills of Morrowind.esp

New Meshes;

SG_LumberM_02 (Wheel)
SG_LumberM_lp (Log puller)
SG_LumberM_01 (Mill shed)
SG_plank_new (Cut planks)
SG_woodtray (Timber tray)
SG_sawtray (Saw)

Also added are several new textures for the above meshes but I would advise remaking them as I am as much use as a chocolate tea pot when it comes down to texturing my meshes....


Please feel free to re-texture any of my meshes from this set or any other.

You may use my meshes in your mods but please give me a mention in your credits for my work.

Parties, Weddings,, nevermind I'll just stick to models.

If you are in mid-mod and are thinking about a new needed static then give me a shout on the TESNexus forum or email me direct and I will see what I can do for you.