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Magistrate Compilation - Command NPC
by Magistrate


Scope of This Mod
As many of you may know, PlanetElderScrolls is soon to go offline along with all the Morrowind Mods posted there, which is an incredible shame; therefor I want to do my part and repost here what I got for the community since I have plenty stored on my computer. I plan to "mantain" this compilation, gradually adding other similar scoped mods as soon as I dig them from my computers and discs.

Authorship and Credits
Of course I claim no authorship whatsoever on these files and I give full credits to the original authors. If, by any chance, one of these authors reads this page and decide he doesn't want his/her mod(s) posted in here, please leave me a message and I will pull the involved file.

Mods Readmes and Informations
I will try to post the full readme of any mods involved (where available), and, if not available to reconstruct it at the best of my ability.

Check the Readme Section for single mods details

Dracandros Voice 2.71 by Dracandros
Give Your Orders 1.3 by The Lys
Protective Guards 1.3 by Fliggerty
- Requires MWSE
Appropriate Greetings 1.5.2 by Arcimaestro Anteres
Anteres Big Mod 5.9* by Arcimaestro Anteres

which includes:
Agent's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Alchemist's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Apothecary's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Archmage's Privileges by Arcimaestro Anteres
Archmagister's Privileges by Arcimaestro Anteres
Master Thief's Privileges by Arcimaestro Anteres
Morag Tong's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Patriarch's Privileges by Arcimaestro Anteres
Scout's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Scout's Services - Solstheim by Arcimaestro Anteres
Smith's Services by Arcimaestro Anteres
Grandmaster's Privileges by Arcimaestro Anteres
Appropriate Greetings by Arcimaestro Anteres
You violated the law by Arcimaestro Anteres

Initial Release.
Mods Added: Dracandros Voice, Give Your Orders, Protective Guards.
Maintanenace Release.
Mods Added: Appropriate Greetings, Anteres Big Mod.

Dracandros for "Dracandros Voice 2.71".
The Lys for "Give Your Orders 1.3".
Fliggerty for "Protective Guards 1.3".
Arcimaestro Anteres for "Appropriate Greetings".
Arcimaestro Anteres for "Anteres Big Mod".

Magistrate Uvirith Revamped
Magistrate Demi-God Race
Magistrate Mages Guild Rewards

Magistrate's Oblivion Mods
Magistrate's Skyrim Mods

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