My Project - The Perfect character by Kevin Nadeau
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Added: 15/12/2012 - 01:08AM
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For those who was wondering, this is a savegame. I just love every bethsda's games and i just want to play them completely by doing: Perfect character. Wath i mean by perfect are from the most powerfull warrior you can be (like my project not already uploaded in skyrim), or totally immortal (like my character in oblivion). All of them are or will be at least level 100 in every skill (even in Fallout 3, my character have 10 in every special).

Every bethesda's games are very long and so far, only my oblivion's character may be considered as "finished" even if i still want to work on it once again. I have a perfect character in Fallout 3, but i got only the "good" version so far (want to make a neutral and evil version too), Same for Fallout New vegas (only NCR - Good version done so far, and some uh... weird ending with legion and Mr house based on the NCR End...)

Here's the links of all my project

TES III: Morrowind:
TES IV: Oblivion:
Fallout 3:
Fallout New Vegas:
TES V: Skyrim
Not released yet (waiting every dlc come out)

I'm not going to make perfect character for the olds games (like errr FO1, FO2, TESA and TESD because honestly, i tryed to play and got boored xD)