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A spellcaster's proficiency with Magicka increases as they advance in the various schools of magic. Maximum Magicka increases as more skill is invested in the various schools of magic (up to x3), and spells become cheaper to cast as a spellcaster advances in the school of magic that governs the primary effects of the spell (up to 50% cheaper).
Magicka regenerates at a modest rate governed by one's Willpower, maximum Magicka, and fatigue. Casting spells briefly pauses Magicka regeneration. Those under the sign of the Atronach, or stunted Magicka effect cannot regenerate Magicka.
Casting spells now cost Fatigue as well as Magicka. Fatigue costs are a constant cost regardless of the Magicka cost. Powers do not cost fatigue if they do not cost Magicka.
Armor now affects spellcasting; Magicka regeneration rates and casting fatigue is affected by equipped armor. Proficiency in the armor skills offsets the penalty, however unarmored will always prove the most effective. Bound armor is unique in that it is not affected at all by these restrictions.
Investing in unarmored will provide a dodging bonus, along with further reducing the effects of fatigue on spell casting while unarmored.
Fire and Poison effects are assigned their unused sounds for variety.
If enabling the casting feature of MPP, now stances effect spellcasting. Casting with a weapon in hand increases casting fatigue and magicka recovery delay, while using the casting stance will decrease both.
Requires Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.