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Enhanced Economics
Version 1.5
By Crankgorilla
Cleaned with Enchanted Editor


With the passing of time the Vvardenfell economy grows. New trade links and previously unexplored regions have been opened and although many dangers still exist, merchants expanded to the four corners of the continent. More ingredients have become available. More weapons. More items. More clothing. More armour. More alchemy. More of what the population of Vvardenfell are eager to pay for.

Where the gold goes, the Merchants follow.
Where the grass grows the farmers toil.



This mod adds to the leveled lists. Where there are two numbers, it is the comparison to the previous version.

- 86/103 types of alchemic brews
- 2 alchemic apparatus
- 64/92 armour pieces
- 28/34 books
- 9/28 clothing
- 27/67 enchantments
- 16/15 ingredients
- 182/196 miscellaneous items
- 14 candles/lanterns
- 4 repair items
- 1 new lockpick
- 158/176 weapons

Enhanced Economics adds all these items to the world of Morrowind giving you the random chance of finding new and unique items in locations across the land. In boxes and closets, in urns and in vases, in closets and in drawers, every time you explore chests, barrels and any other container in the game, there will be a chance of something new for you to find.

All the weapons use custom models from various artists. Each weapon has been re-balanced to my new formula. The formula makes every strike worthwhile. A slash will be different from a chop. A thrusting move different again. But all within a set formula that creates limits.


Basic Sword

Chop 4 - 22
Slash 6 - 20
Thrust 1 - 24

Basic Axe

Chop 10 - 16
Slash 12 - 14
Thrust 1 - 18

Interesting to note is the basic difference between the two. The axe has a sure chop hit, and will inflict damage, but does not have the potential damage of the sword. Of course, some weapons will be better than others, and you could find an axe that is better than the sword. The principals of relatively tight knit damage for the axe and a broader sweep of damage for the sword will remain true. These are just an example and in game the statistics will obey this formula with subtle differences depending on the weapon type.

The thust is awesome because it tempts you to go for a lunging thrust which can either deliver big damage or fall short, delivering a small scratch of damage. Curved weapons will deliver better slashing options and big heavy hammers and battle axes will deliver big damage, but the swing speed is always slightly less, slower. Range is talen into account and weapons like daggers will be faster to swing and relatively short in range. The damage on these will be mostly low in comparison to something like a war hammer or battle axe, but thats realistic as bigger weapons hurt more if you get hit by them. But then they weigh more whereas daggers are fairly light. It all blends together in a package i hope, makes sense and offers a wide selection of weapons of varying degrees of excellence. It is my aim to make each weapon attractive, it's purpose useful so that you will want to select not always your most powerful weapon, but your favorite. You needn't always take your biggest gun into battle. As you don't use a shotgun to swat a fly.

Of the 176 weapons included here, there should be something for everyone, and a weapon for every occasion. All balanced to the formula.

Armour is also developing a unique formula angle. In particular, the relation between weight and object mass and armour piece and durability and armour protection. This formula is still in it's infancy and is currently being trialed in this version. But I like it. And it works well, but is not set in stone. Take a look and see what you think.

Shields are interesting. I'm experimenting with the idea that a heavy shield will slow your agility, but increase your block dramatically. this is also a new concept to this version and is being tested for viability.

Of course building the game from the ground up, I would have done things differently, but we make the most of the system in place, and I think this mod goes near to achieving that.


Key Notes

- This mod alters none of the original items.
- This mod focuses only on items.
- This mod has no actual cell stucture or altered landmass. It uses all leveled list for maximum compatability with other mods.
- No creatures added or touched. All previous influence on creatures has been removed and transferred to Beasts of Vvardenfell which is my creature specialization mod.
- Weapons are valued at a rate that will not break the morrowind economy.
- All weapons balanced to a strict formula.
- All items unique ID is xxee_Weapon_01 where xxee stands for enhanced economics and the xx just groups everything. Just hit x in the CS for each category for easy editing.
- There are so many things to mention, I really could go on all day. Best to explore for yourself and see how it goes.
- A readme could be written on each item, but that would turn into a book. Consult the Credits folder included to find out more about individual resources trialed.
- Use a leveled list merger like Wyre Mash to make this mod compatable with any other leveled mod.
- To see if an item is from this mod during play, open the console (~ key) and click on any item. The ID will show in the panel. All items from this mod have the prefix xxee_
- Ok ok. I got to pull the plug somewhere and this is it. My work is done here. Enjoy the mod and flick me a message on the place you downloaded this mod if you'd like to give imput or voice support for this project. We modders are an unappreciated breed, so any feedback is appreciated.



Here's a few sites I frequent to keep informed on the lastest releases and resources.

- Great House Fliggerty
- Planet Elder Scrolls
- Bethesda Softworks Forums
- Morrowind Nexus

Yeah, so, just google it. You know the drill.



March 2012