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***** "Illy's Dirty Books" by Illuminiel *****

Version: 1.00

1. Description:

This is a mesh and texture replacer mod for the in game books.

I created this mod after playing Skyrim and enjoying the well worn and dirty look of many of the in game books.

So this mod changes the look of many of the in game textures to ones which are dirty or soiled. This includes the open books.

All the books have completely new icons regardless if you use the esp or not.

There are 2 versions of the open books for you to choose from

1. Daedric writing - this pluginless version replaces all the open book textures with Daedric text mixed with original Bethesda concept art - as it is a replacer only there are duplicates of the books just as there is in the vanilla game

2. English writing - by using the plugin (esp) you will see all the open books in English (except for one written in Sload) - Each book displays some of the text you would find within the book (as in when you read it in game) along with some original Bethesda concept art. I added new models for every english open book so there are no duplicates. You will also find some new bookart in game when you read The Alchemists Formulary and the book Notes on Racial Phylogeny.


2. Setting up:

First create a backup of your save files. (This is standard safe practice for installing mods)

If you already have a texture replacer for the books this mod will over write those textures - you might want to back up those textures as well

Drag the folder named Data Files into your Morrowind folder - a windows message prompt will ask you if you want to overwrite files/folders in that directory - select yes.

Here's what you will now have in each of the following folders:

BookArt: There are some new textures
Icons: There should be 2 new folders one called 'm' and the other called Illy which will have a subfolder called DB
Textures: There will be new textures and a new folder called Illy with a subfolder called DB
Meshes: There should be 2 new folders one called 'm' and the other called Illy which will have a subfolder called DB

And in the main Data Files folder there should be a new esp called 'Illy's Dirty Books'


If you are a Wrye Mash user then you will know how to set this up using the Replacer folder which is a better way of managing replacers

If you are playing with mods and don't know how to use Wrye Mash just do an internet search on Wrye Musings or Wrye Mash to find out how brilliant this program is



3. Playing the mod:

If you want to view only the Daedric writing then you don't need to do anything apart from following the set up instructions above. No esp is needed to be activated.

If you want to view all the books as individual open books written in readable english then you need to activate the esp 'Illy's Dirty Books' in your Morrowind Launcher.


4. Questions:

Q: Why did you also add meshes?
A: The original UV maps overlapped on many of the books I ended up having to alter nearly all of them, the scrolls used the book edge texture which now looked weird on them so I had to remap a new texture for those. Some books also used an odd texture called TX_wax_tan_01.tga for book edges - not knowing where else this texture was used I decided to remap the meshes to my new bookedge textures.

Q: Why can't I see the Daedric writing? I can only see english writing
A: Deactivate the plugin 'Illy's Dirty Books' from your Data Files

Q: Why are there Duplicates of the Daedric written open books?
A: Because Bethesda used duplicate textures in the vanilla game and the Daedric textures only overwrite those ones

Q: Will you make more Daedric written open books?
A: Depends on how much demand there is for that - I only added the ones I have because of a request for them.

Q: How do I change the Journal back to it's original look?
A: Remove the following textures from your texture folder and

Q: Does your mod work with Book Rotate?
A: It will if you don't activate my esp and just use the replacer textures, otherwise it will conflict with any scripts added to books that use meshes I needed to remap.

Q: I want to add your mod to a compilation mod I am making can I do that?
A: No

Q: I want to use your textures in my own mod which is not a compilation, can I do that?
A: Yes, please add the credits from below to your readme though.

Q: I don't like the texture on 'X' book, will you change it?
A: No

Q: The spine on 'X or Y' book looks damaged, can you fix it?
A: The UV maps on some of the original books is truly awful and stretches the spines all over the place, unfortunately it was beyond my ability to fix

Q: I've fixed all the UV meshes on the books can I release these as an addon to your mod?
A: Yes, as long as you don't take credit for the textures or re-release the mod with updated meshes as your own. That would be a sad thing to do, I might cry and stop sharing.


5. Credits:

For the game:

* Thanks Bethesda you've kept me entertained for more years than I thought possible - your games are enormous value for money

For the CS:

* Wow thanks again Bethesda for enabling us to mod your world

For the meshes:

* Bethesda

For the textures: There were a number of free to use textures I used for the book covers and paper - most were found on - thanks L&T you guys rock
Bethesda: Bookart - most of the art is from The Art of Morrowind by Bethesda
Zaarin: I used (with permision) original fan art from Zaarin for the Dark Elf (Julan) and Redguard (Marid) in Notes on Racial Phylogeny (heavily edited to look like a painting) you can see the original at search for Zaarin and Morrowind
Gillian Renk (Hyperionwitch): Gilly very kindly gave me permission to use her Breton and Redguard painting for Notes on Racial Phylogeny which you can see on the exterior and interior bookart - Gilly does really nice work which you can see at

For the tools:

* The Nifskope team - I neither could nor would want to mod without Nifskope, thanks so much for an awesome tool :)
* The GIMP - best free texturing tool available
* Paint.Net - for icon creation


6. Usage:

Use at own risk

These textures and models are strictly for non-commercial use.

This mod is allowed to be converted to non-english versions of Morrowind - though you will probably only use the Daedric replacers in any case - however please included a translated version of this readme.

If you don't like this mod delete it, if you think you can do better then please don't tell me just get on and do so as everyone else will enjoy your contribution to the modding world :)

For additional support I can occasionally be found at the Official Bethesda and Great House Fliggerty forums as Illuminiel

May you enjoy gaming and life


September 2012