Illys Oh my Goddess by Illuminiel
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Added: 11/08/2012 - 01:53AM
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Last updated at 2:05, 11 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 1:53, 11 Aug 2012

A mod which finally shows some love to the faithful followers of the Nine.

This mod adds:

- 2 new rooms to the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart
- 1 new NPC complete with fresh dialogue and insight into the lore of Dibella.
- 5 new playable female faces
- 5 new playable female hairs
- 9 new female robes
- 3 new female cuirass's all light armour; short, medium and long
- 2 new male cuirass's all light armour; short, long
- 2 new greaves 1 female and 1 male
- 4 new female dancer pants
- 5 new female dancer tops
- 3 new male robes
- 1 new male dancer top
- 1 new male dancer pants
- 2 new textures for Vurt's Orchids
- 1 new book with bookart of some of the outfits
- new dialogue has been given to some members of the cult about other members of the cult
- wearing the clothes may cause other NPC's in Morrowind to comment on your affiliation with the cult.
- half a dozen new globals and new scripts - none of these should have performance impacts.
- appropriately ranked members of the Cult can purchase the light armour and clothes
- the following female NPC's have been altered - Lalatia Varian, Sarmosia Vant, Ygfa and Dulian, all have new faces, hair and robes. Ygfa has an additional animation as well as enhanced dialogue about Dibella and some new topics. Seeing as Dulian is not a member of the cult yet still provides priest services for the Imperial Legion I outfitted her as well and gave her a new topic for cult members only.
- the following male NPC's have been altered for clothing only - Frik, Iulas, Kaye, Sauleius and Synnolian all of them are in the Ebonheart Chapels - if you wish to have improved faces and hairs for these characters I recommend my pluginless replacer mod Fresh Faces II