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Last updated at 11:13, 23 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 8:07, 4 May 2012

This mod completely overhauls the Dremora in Morrowind, making them more like they are in Oblivion - that is, divided into seven ranks. I have also changed their weapons to inferior versions of the daedric ones. This makes daedric weapons a lot more scarce on Vvardenfell, as they should be. There are three variants of every rank (warrior, archer, mage), with unique meshes for each. The named Dremora (Krazzt, Anhaedra, Gothren's Guards etc) have all been given new meshes as well.

List of Dremora ranks and the level at which they will appear:

Dremora Churl Level 6
Dremora Caitiff Level 9 (replaces Dremora)
Dremora Kynval Level 12 (replaces Dremora Lord)
Dremora Kynreeve Level 15
Dremora Kynmarcher Level 20
Dremora Markynaz Level 28
Dremora Valkynaz Level 38


- Added pauldrons to all archer Dremora.
- Added female Dremora. If you don't want them in your game use the Male Only esp.
- Created an addon for integration with Tamriel Rebuilt.