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Added: 11/07/2011 - 03:57PM
Updated: 12/09/2016 - 11:47AM

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Does not require add-ons
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olol -

Welcome to my Web page to see other plugins.

Are used: "Boat_fix" from Ao3
"longboat fix" from Rattfink
"SCR: longboat sail mesh fix" from Alaisiagae
"Grahl Eye Fix" and "Collision Fix 1.1" ?? PeterBitt
"Papill6n various graphics things v1.2" from Papill6n
"Akulacave UV Fix" from Melchior Dahrk
 "Expansion Resource Conflicts" from Doosty
 "Expansion Summon Icons" from Doosty
The model in_cave_plant10 from Spirithawke is taken
The model Nix-hound from Arcimaestro Anteres is taken
The model forge from "Forge Texture Fix" from Legomaniam94 is taken
The model Bloated from "Stuporstar's Mesh Improvements Optimized v1.31" from Stuporstar is taken

This is a simple fix repleyser shortcomings of standard models
in the form of UV mapping, ledges, and cracks.

No esp, just drop in data directory and merge folders.

All of my versions of plugins can be used anywhere without asking.
Version History:
Ver 2.9
- Added fix conflicts additions from Doosty
- Added: and
  fire shield icons were red, like the negative effects.

Ver 2.8
- Added in_cave_plant10 model from Spirithawke
- Added in_akulacave00 model from Melchior Dahrk
- Ex_Common_Plat_Corn removed for compatibility with MOAR_Mesh_Replacers_1C
- Fixed UV mapping textures of Daedric ruins

Ver 2.7
- Slightly corrected Ex_Dwrv_Enter00 and added it back wall.
- Replace the model Bloated of "Mesh Improvements Optimized" by Stuporstar.
- Slightly textured corrected sweep at furn_dae_rubble_03 (a and b) (noticed Capostrophic).

Ver 2.6
- Added models interior Velothi correcting inconsistencies ceiling and bridges.

Ver 2.5
- Fixed UV mapping textures and the gap in a niche.
- Added texture of "Grahl Eye Fix" from PeterBitt.
- Fixed collision in the arch of "Collision Fix 1.1" from PeterBitt.

Ver 2.4
- Replaced a couple of models from the previous version.
Ver 2.3
- Fixed several models of the interior connections to the beams.

Ver 2.2
- Fixed a texture in the smithy of LegoManIAm94
- Removed ledges and crevices in ex_t_doorway_01

Ver 2.1
- Fixed animation 'knock out' left paw of the Nix-hound from Antares

Ver 2.0
- Removed the gap on the roof of the tower.
- At the corner of the platform closed in the lower ends of the beams (noticed Otis_Geo).

Ver 1.9
- Fixed model interiors of the towers.
- Fixed UV mapping textures of Daedric wall
and corrected several models of the ruins (noticed qqqbbb).

Ver 1.8
- Added model Ghost fence, that does not flicker when moving.

Ver 1.7
- Fixed UV mapping textures of the left glass in two windows (noticed Mark K. Marcell).

Ver 1.6
- Fixed UV mapping textures the upper part of columns (noticed Papill6n).

Ver 1.5
- Added model of the common interior, correcting a gap in the stairs and inconsistencies beams.

Ver 1.4
- Added model Daedric ruins of "Papill6n various graphics things v1.2" from Papill6n.

Ver 1.3
- Added model interior Velothi correcting inconsistencies friezes and columns.

Ver 1.2
- Fixed a few ships and floor cracks are removed from the rear bumper.
- Standard texture deck replaced to be compatible with repainting furniture.

Ver 1.1
- Added model ships from:
"Longboat fix" from Rattfink
"SCR: longboat sail mesh fix" from Alaisiagae
- UV mapping is a little corrected and cracks 'noses' at the ships is eliminated.
- Wine barrels of Tarius moved to Better_Meshes_1C.

Ver 1.0
- Added a wine barrels from Tarius.
- Added model Bloated of Tamriel Rebuilt.
- Added standard structure that is damaged in Tribunal.
- Removed tabs, slots and fixed discrepancy in models of tombs and Daedric ruins.
- Removed the visible markers of smoke.