Better Weapons Suit by HedgeHog12
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Added: 28/08/2010 - 08:37PM
Updated: 23/02/2016 - 06:48PM

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Last updated at 18:48, 23 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 20:37, 28 Aug 2010

This mods changes and replaces all vanila Weapons in MW. 100% new meshes With
Bump map, Glow Map, Detail map and other map effects are added in all meshes.
One ID = 1 unique model!
- 1410 files textures. (Large part of the newly created)
- 575 File models. (New or updated)

In the master files have been made to change the distance defeat all kinds of weapons. Some items have weight
changes and other parameters. Although it should be noted that we must be a full re-balancing of all weapons.
If someone wants to do this, be very good.
Project completed.
Morrowind - 100% weapons ID changed.
Tribunal - 99% weapons ID changed.
– Stendar`s Hammer. (no change)
– TrueFlame and Hopesfire (used from Deathruler`s) *added Detailmap.
– Mace of Slurring. (no change)
– Goblin weapons. (no change)
Bloodmoon - Weapons changed partially 11-12 ID may be.
Stalhrim, hurtsman, nord silver - no change.
hm... i don`t like Bloodmoon(
– Ebony, orcish, bound and imperial weapons - remain from previous revisions. *Small fixes.
This plug for history.
Don`t recommended to install and use from active the game!
Because there is Symphony..
But, as You wish.