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Added: 15/01/2009 - 01:01AM
Updated: 27/04/2013 - 08:31AM

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Last updated at 8:31, 27 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 1:01, 15 Jan 2009

The wait is over! Version 3 is done, on this update, I have changed many things, now the skies use a modified meshes, which make the textures streach across the whole sky, allowing fully unique skies. I've also remade the night sky using this same method with a texture based on the Dwemer Orrery from Redguard, probably my favourite thing about this mod.

Don't stop yet, there's more! SWG's Skies v3 has new textures for the moons, as well as the particles from rain, blight storms, ash storms, snow, and blizzards.

Plus, a few more things, I've remade my Dwemer Observatory sky texture from v2 with a 2048x2048 one, and, I made a completely new sunglare file.

Ah, almost forgot, using the MorrowINI application to apply, I've made a complete set of INI settings to go with this mod, using them, the sunsets/sunrises will look much prettier, and a lot of other things will be better in appearance.

That's it, download a single RAR file, and you get all that, I assure you, no other mod has done what I've done before, you'll be really treating yourself with this.

Version 2 description:

This is SWG's skies version 3, suggested my best release yet.

This mod replaces the day and night skies, the dwemer observatory sky, the moons, and adds something Oblivion players have had for a while; beaming sunglare.

It also comes with it's own INI settings, and an auto program will do it for you for your convenience.

Version 1 description:

Replacer for the sky textures in Morrowind.

After playing Oblivion, using better skies, than enhanced skies, I decided to make my own skies. I have been working on this since I started texturing, and I think it's probably some of my best work. This includes the Bloodmoon skies, something that most texture replacers ignore, it comes with it's own reccomended INI, and the blight texture is more evil than the textures included in most texture replacers. My goal was to create realistic yet alien skies, that are good resolution.

For screenies and more info, go here: