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This file is now obsolete. Please find our latest release here:

Tamriel Rebuilt aims to recreate "Mainland Morrowind" as Bethesda would have had they included it in the third Elder Scrolls game. TR uses a combination of imagination and lore to bring you new areas to explore, new secrets to discover and allowing a host of new adventures to unfold.

This release, Antediluvian Secrets, is the second part of this effort, with its varied landscape stretching from the famed ruins of Kemel-Ze in the west to the massive Boethian Lake to the east. This land is a treasure chest of ruins and ancient secrets waiting to be discovered, from the long-looted halls of Kemel-Ze, to the cursed ruin of Nchazdrumm, to the mysterium shrouding the ancient city of Dun Akafell. The land is mostly Telvanni but for the town of Helnim, awash in its own squalor, enamored by its own decline.

We consider Antediluvian Secrets to be a continuation of the Telvannis region, as it completes the land controlled by the eccentric and power-hungry Telvanni mage lords.

Some statistics for Antediluvian Secrets are displayed below:

-Over 580 exterior cells
-Over 420 interior cells
-Over 4000 dialogue entries
-Over 650 NPCs

Below is a list of the key locations(barring a few) and some descriptions:

Perhaps the most famous Dwemer ruin in Morrowind, Kemel-Ze is a gigantic complex that collapsed into the sea in ancient times. More recently it has been under the investigation of archaeologists, whose excavations have uncovered dozens of mysterious halls, grand vestibules, and magnificent chambers that speak to the grandness of Dwemer civilization.

This Telvanni village sits in a deep gorge created in ancient times with the collapse of Kemel-Ze. The citizens of Marog have looted the ruins of Kemel-Ze for centuries, and are a bit reluctant to accept the Imperial Archeological Society excavating the site.

Helnim is the largest imperial settlement in the region. This once-great city has forgotten its nobler past and falling into disrepute as a hotbed of crime, split by the division between the Telvanni quarter and its insane Lord and the Imperial quarter with its drunken Lord stumbling around his crumbling halls.

Alt Bosara
Alt Bosara is a gorgeous Telvanni tower built against a cliff with a large waterfall. Alt Bosara is the stronghold of Master Vaerin of the Telvanni and a center for his vehemently anti-temple beliefs.

Tel Muthada
Though its agricultural roots are still apparent, most of Tel Muthada's wealth comes from trade between Helnim, Necrom, and Alt Bosara. Because of these trade routes, the empire build a fort near Tel Muthada, Cephorad Keep. Tel Muthada is currently under the control of Llenari Telsaran, the brutally direct Telvanni wizard.

Tel Mothrivra
Once a Temple monastic settlement, this location has since fallen under Telvanni control. The impiety of the Telvanni Lord has not done much to please the Temple faithful still present in the region.

The Wilderness
Much of this landscape remains untamed, with vast expanses of plains and towering mountains rising up to meet whoever is so bold as to seek them out. There are secrets waiting to be uncovered and adventures waiting to be had....if you choose to seek them out.

The wilderness of Antediluvian Secrets spreads over hundreds of cells of varied terrain and is filled with many smaller settlements, tombs, ruins, and shrines not outlined above. This time around we have taken even more care in making sure that each and every cell is interesting and unique. So get out there, explore, you never know what you might find!


This release does not include quests. As we did with Telvannis, we want you(the community) to be able to preview and enjoy the massive amounts of work done already, so you can quench your thirst and familiarize yourself with the locales while we work on bringing quests to the region.
Antediluvian Secrets is dependent on our previous release, Map 1. It completes the region known as Telvannis, or all the area covered by Great House Telvanni's holdings.

The Antediluvian Secrets are yours to discover... Good luck!

- Tamriel Rebuilt Team