• written by Magistrate2020   5 February 2013 1:25:37   713 views   1 likes

    Mages Guild Review by Denina

    I've enjoyed watching the evolution of this mod. When Magistrate asked my opinion of the 3.5 version, my thoughts were 'super concept, so-so execution of said concept.' I outlined some areas I thought needed work and he pursued those fixes with an enthusiasm I had not seen in quite some time. As a result, I enjoyed watching 3.5 become a better version of itself.

    Then, Magistrate sent me a PM saying he was reworking the whole thing. Somehow, I just knew that this was going to be even better. I could hardly wait to check it out. A few days later, he sent me the updated version and I loved it.

    I think 4.0 is a far superior mod to 3.5 and I highly recommend checking it out. The responsibilities and perks of being Archmage matter now and it's a much needed addition to the game which I feel this mod fulfills nicely, even including the other guilds should one rise so high. I enjoyed testing each version as it came available and helping iron out the kinks. Overall, I am very pleased with the end result and am looking forward to using this in my own game.

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