Lighting Overhaul for Better Skies by Fuzsion
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Added: 13/08/2017 - 01:53AM
Updated: 15/08/2017 - 11:27PM

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Last updated at 23:27, 15 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 1:53, 13 Aug 2017

Better Skies and No Visual Environment Effects both from zhpete is recommended for best effect. Put Lighting Overhaul below Better Skies in Frosty load order

- Brighter Lighting
- Darker Shadows
- Spotlights should spawn further and create more light
- Moon shadows
- More stars in the night sky

Download Frosty Mod Manager and drag and drop the respected mod files to the window (the .fbmod and .archive files), double click the mod on the left pane and activate it if it isn't already. Click launch game at the top then enjoy

zhpete for the star changes and for making Better Skies
tinytrex for the screenshots
JDeem, heki, and twip because they wanted credit despite them doing nothing cuz they're all big dumb ID ETS