Floris Expanded - Guarantee Polearms for Polearm Troops by Droidekafan
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Normally, polearm troops will not always be given a polearm as part of their equipment at the start of a battle. This can lead to some frustrating situations in which you need a dedicated group of troops armed with polearms, but large numbers of them don't have the weapons they need for the job. This mod for Floris Expanded guarantees that polearm troops will always have a polearm, stopping such situations from occuring. This is meant for use with Floris Expanded and works for all 3 troop trees. A full list of troops that are guaranteed to receive polearms is included in the readme.

Copy the troops.txt from the zip file to your Floris Expanded folder, usually located in the modules folder of the base Mount&Blade: Warband game.


This mod is not save compatible and you will need to start a new game for it to work.
This mod is only made to work with Floris Expanded, not Gameplay or Basic.
All credit for the original mod goes to Monnikje, Duh, Caba`Drin, and all respective creators of mods used in Floris.